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Total Equity Funding
$2.25M in 2 Rounds from 2 Investors
San Francisco, California
Socializr is an online social network that allows users to share events with their friends and send them invitations to these events.
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Socializr is a social network based upon sharing events with friends. Started by Jonathan Abrams, founder of social network Friendster, Socializr lets you share information about local parties, dinner or lunch get-togethers and any other type of event. Hopefully having learned much from Friendster's inability to scale, Abrams' new project will have sturdier infrastructure.

When creating a personal profile users will supply their email addresses so that Socializr may search for any of their other online profiles and aggregate them. Info from Myspace, Flickr, Friendster, Facebook and other networks can be aggregated. Address and contact information can be aggregated from your email accounts as well. Unlike social networks like Facebook, Socializr incorporates email outside of its walls.

Once all your social media is on Socializr you can easily send custom invite emails to your friends including photos, addresses, Maps and other media.

Competitors include: Evite, Punchbowl, SuggestLocal, Skobee (deadpooled), Zvents, Eventful, MadeIt and Renkoo.

Funding Rounds (2) - $2.25M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Sep, 2007$1.5M / Series A1
Jan, 2006$750k / Angel2

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  • Socializr was added to CrunchBase in 2007

Competitors (14)

  • Celebrations.com is a platform that facilitates party hosting by providing online invitations, e-cards, party ideas, and planning tips.
  • Coordinatr is a free site for small event creation and group organization.
  • Crusher is a company made up of designer developers focusing on events publishing invitation services.
  • Enclude is an online invitation and eCard web site that features photo hosting and video sharing capabilities.
  • Evite, an online personal party planning service, offers tools for planning recipes and a wine-pairing chart, the process and themes.
  • Fifteen Reasons is a mobile and web social app that enables users to plan, invite and RSVP for events with friends.
  • Friendster is a social gaming site focused on providing users with entertainment and fun.
  • Invitastic hails itself as a tiny website for inviting friends and family (and even enemies and strangers) to events.

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  • Office

    660 4th Street, Suite 240

    San Francisco, California 94107

    United States

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