Santa Clara, CA
SiteKreator develops a web tool for do-it-yourself, no-code creation and management of customer-ready websites.
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SiteKreator is an award-winning, fully hosted web tool for do-it-yourself, no-code creation and management of powerful customer-ready websites.

SiteKreator's built-in features include Word-like content editing; customizable design templates; ready-to-deploy galleries; email marketing and e-commerce tools help non-technical users create agency-quality websites quickly and easily. The site offers a 14-day free trial and technical support is provided during the trial period.

Features Intuitive Editing Interface - Allows you to edit your site content in a WYSIWYG manner. Elegant Designs - Users can choose from hundreds of professional and customizable design templates. Image Galleries - Packed with a variety of visualization options and animations. E-Commerce - Built-in features that allow you to use your favorite payment gateway to create your online shop. Built-in Email Marketing Tools - Users can collect email addesses directly from the site and send out targeted email campaigns with ease.  Search Engine Optimization - All sites built with SiteKreator are search engine-friendly out of the box. Online Forms - SiteKreator's form editor lets you create feedback, subscription, and other web forms with few clicks. Member Areas - Provide restricted access to valuable content to selected members after registration. Blog & Forum - Out-of-the-box blog and discussion forum to help you build loyal customers and create a community.

Competitors (1)

  • Just Add Content is a development company that creates HTML5 websites for businesses.

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  • Office

    2953 Bunker Hill Lane Suite 400

    Santa Clara, CA 95054


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