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SHL Telemedicine is a medical monitoring center that analyzes the medical data transmitted to them.

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SHL was founded in 1987 by Yoram Alroy and Elon Shalev. Alroy had previously held several senior management roles at IBM and his expertise in the field of information technology made him aware of the immense potential inherent in the electronic transmission and analysis of medical data.

Following a major cardiac event, which his father Nachman had suffered, Alroy also came to realize the value of reliable medical data and prompt medical assistance during a cardiac event. These were the first steps along a road that led Alroy to the emerging field of Telemedicine. The transmission of medical data was at that time limited only to the communication between a physicians and hospitals. The transmission of medical data, from a patient’s home, directly to a medical team was, at that time, inconceivable.

Alroy set out to change this reality. He extensively studied the field, spoke to doctors, and consulted with experts that ultimately laid to the foundation for SHL’s philosophy of Telemedicine. At the heart of this philosophy is the ability to transmit up-to-the-minute medical information directly from a patient, irrespective of his location, to a medical monitoring center, staffed around the clock by an experienced medical team. More than 20 years ago, Alroy envisioned a world of continuously and automatically updated medical records, immediate medical response, 24 hours a day, and transmitting medical data via a phone line. The service which he founded and developed was unique, and utilized the latest advancements in technology and operating procedures. In 1987, the very first ECG was transmitted directly to SHL’s medical monitoring center. Erez Alroy, Yoram’s son, signed up the very first SHL customer.

Twenty years later, at this very moment, medical data is being transmitted to SHL™s medical monitoring center, where it is immediately analyzed for a prompt response. Over one million ECG transmissions are transmitted annually to medical monitoring centers along with countless blood pressure readings and other supporting medical data. Telemedicine is now a reality and part of the daily routine for the continuously growing SHL customer base. But this is only the beginning.

During its years of operation, SHL has published numerous clinical research studies in the field of Telemedicine and its contributing effect on enhancing people’s quality of life. These studies, along with additional studies conducted in Germany and the United States, unquestionably conclude that Telemedicine has become an intrinsic part of the advancements in cardiology worldwide.

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