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5 IPOs & 38 Acquisitions
Dallas, Texas
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Although technologies and markets have changed dramatically during the last 25 years, the investment principles upon which Sevin Rosen

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Although technologies and markets have changed dramatically during the last 25 years, the investment principles upon which Sevin Rosen Funds was founded in 1981 have not. The Sevin Rosen team, all seasoned high-tech executives, always takes a very active and team-oriented approach to helping entrepreneurs throughout every stage of the company-building process.

Sevin Rosen Funds examine technology trends, identifying those technologies they believe will transform entire industries. Their emphasis is on what will happen next, what will succeed, and then, what will endure.

Sevin Rosen Funds mean what they say. In the venture capital world -- a world based almost entirely on personal relationships -- their word and their good name are their most valuable assets. And in all their relationships, they 've consistently placed a premium on honesty and fairness.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Dec, 2015$15M / Series E
Jul, 2014$20M / Series E
Nov, 2013$34M / Series E
Apr, 2013$17.1M / Series D
Apr, 2013$9.2M / Series B
Jan, 2013$343.47M / Private Equity
Apr, 2012$38M / Series D
Feb, 2012$21.7M / Series C
Aug, 2011$13.1M / Series D
Apr, 2011$10M / Series C
Feb, 2011$10M / Series B
Jan, 2011$11.5M / Series C
Dec, 2010$5M / Venture (Lead)
Apr, 2010$25M / Series C
Mar, 2010$10M / Series B (Lead)
Jan, 2010$128.4M / Venture
Jan, 2010$18M / Series D
Dec, 2009$6M / Series C
Dec, 2009$10M / Series B
Dec, 2009$3M / Venture
Oct, 2009$6.2M / Series C
Oct, 2009$15M / Venture
Jul, 2009$15M / Series C
Jul, 2009$6M / Series B (Lead)
May, 2009$12.16M / Series D
Apr, 2009$4M / Series C
Apr, 2009$4M / Venture
Mar, 2009$8.3M / Series C (Lead)
Mar, 2009$15M / Series B
Jan, 2009$5M / Venture
Aug, 2008$4.45M / Series A
Aug, 2008$3M / Series B
Aug, 2008$15.6M / Series E
Jul, 2008$14M / Series C
Jun, 2008$15.2M / Venture
Jun, 2008$2.5M / Venture
May, 2008$27.5M / Debt Financing
Apr, 2008$9M / Series C
Mar, 2008$3.05M / Series C
Jan, 2008$40M / Series D

Current Team (14)


Funds (3)

Jul 8, 2004Sevin Rosen Fund IX$300M
Nov 1, 2000Sevin Rosen Fund VIII$875M
Feb 2, 2000Sevin Rosen Fund VII$480M

Offices/Locations (3)

  • Palo Alto Office

    421 Kipling Street

    Palo Alto, California 94301

    United States

  • Dallas Office

    13455 Noel Road, Suite 1670

    Two Galleria Tower

    Dallas, Texas 75240

    United States

  • Austin Office

    6300 Bridgepoint Parkway

    Building One, Suite 500

    Austin, Texas 78730

    United States

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