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Seoland Traffic Agency is a Cape Town search marketing network that provides a permission-based contextual advertising platform for clients.
E-Commerce, Web Development, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Advertising Platforms, Web Design, Email Marketing

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Seoland Cape Town is a search engine marketing company. Seoland provides search engine optimization and onsite optimization services for clients. Other services include paid inclusion and feed management, website design/development, e-commerce and social media marketing. Seoland Dashboard, the companies online marketing management system - integrates bid management, media tracking and real time ROI reporting into one interface. Seoland's has 3 different seo packages for clients - Basic, Advanced and Premium. These packages were designed to help clients optimize their organic search campaigns. This company offers interactive marketing and online advertising services to web retailing clients. The company helps clients leverage the web to grow their business by developing and managing interactive marketing programs that include strategic planning, seo, e-mailing marketing, online advertising, web analytic's and return on investment measurement.

What clients does this company work with?

Clients include big and small, from small one man ecommerce companies marketing their products online to big business conglomerates in Cape Town and overseas.

What sort of services does Seoland provide to its customers?

Seoland provides a full spectrum of online marketing services including ecommerce setup and design, search engine marketing, social media marketing and advertising, Pay per click, on-site SEO, mobile development and web development/design. This online firm provides very affordable SEO services for small businesses that would like premier seo and digital marketing consulting services but at a fraction of the price.

What else do I need to know about this SEO firm?

This company understands that most search engines have specific quality guidelines when they score website for placement in the search engine results. Search Engine results is largely dependent on a sites on-site layout and design, on-site keywords, social markings and its incoming links.

Positive reviews are very important to this company. This is why Seoland places a strong emphasis on customer service and spends a rather considerable amount of time engaging clients big and small, answering questions and providing excellent monthly reports.

What sort of SEO packages do you provide?

We provide a several packages for clients big or small. We have three different packages you can choose from - Basic Package, Advanced Package and the Premium package. As each name suggests they have been formulated for each company’s specific needs.

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  • Cape Town Kloof 55

    55 Kloof Street

    Upper Cape Town

    Cape Town, 8000


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