SAMP2 is an abbreviation of Sound, Animation, Message and moving pictures. SAMP2 is a web application that empowers the individual
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SAMP2 is an abbreviation of Sound, Animation, Message and moving pictures. SAMP2 is a web application that empowers the individual creativity of individuals. Every individual with an internet connection can make a SAMP2, which is an animated message which is created by combining an animation with upload pictures, messages, sound and video. The animated message will be send and shared with the world enforcing it's viral force.

The rapid growth of the internet and the requirement and level of usage of and demand for innovative scripting and editing methods is the driving force for SAMP2. Creating innovative clips of any content can and need to be executed instantly, across borders and at acceptable cost, enabling businesses and individuals to deliver new and enhanced communication services and providing people with unlimited creativity. Due to its unique render software SAMP2 creates the personalized video almost realtime. The created SAMP2 will be published in a personalized library to the world.

SAMP2 enables users to add content like animations, pictures, messages, music and video and will trust users to become co-developers. It's services becomes better the more people use it and it will harrness collective intelligence. Every individual will be an artist and their creation will be found for a long time through the customer self-service long tail principle.

Competitors (8)

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  • HD Greetings is a web services platform allowing personalized video delivery for marketing campaigns, e-cards, and user-generated content.
  • Imageloop is a photo-sharing app that allows users to shoot and share photos across all their social networks.
  • LabPixies develops personalized web gadgets, including entertainment gadgets such as games and music, and utilities such as search tools.
  • Moblyng is a developer of HTML5 social games for mobile devices and social networks.
  • RockYou is an interactive media company that owns and partners with dozens of game titles across Facebook, web and mobile.
  • Slide enables users to create and personalize widgets and use them on social networks, blogs and desktops.
  • Smilebox is a multimedia-based messaging service enabling users to personalize photos, videos, music and texts and share them with others.

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  • Main office

    van Goijenlaan 45

    Bilthoven, 3723GN


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