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RecruiterBlast is designed to match job seekers with prospective employers using its proprietary matching technology.

This website is an additional staffing tool for recruiters who don't have time to qualify the hundreds of resumes they are receiving per job posting that they are advertising. Using a matrix system that both the job seeker and the recruiter completes, the matching technology will then send the matched resumes to the recruiter. At that point, the recruiter can review and contact job seekers for additional information. The system performs matches throughout the day as new positions are posted or edited. This website will greatly reduce the sourcing time for recruiters.

As for job seekers, they no longer have to sit in front of the computer submitting resume after resume. The system will do this for them- if they actually qualify for the position. The system will also generate a very basic PDF formatted resume for the job seeker to print and use for interviews. RecruiterBlast has taken all the fluff out of the resume and left the viable information that recruiters need to know about that job seeker during the 7-8 seconds that they are viewing that resume.

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