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Jun 20, 2015PRNewswire All - Global Green and Recycled Mobile Phone Market 2014-2018: Key Vendors are Arrow, CloudBlue, Corporate Mobile Recycling and SIMS
Dec 13, 2013Michigan - ReCellular sells to Texas-based company for nearly $3 million
Oct 28, 2013Gigaom - Carrier-focused cell phone recycling company raises $105M from VCs
Dec 2, 2012CNet - Your smartphone's secret afterlife (Smartphones Unlocked) - CNET
Sep 12, 2012Tech2 - Apple unveils iPhone 5 today. Here's what to do with your old phone - Tech2
Mar 11, 2012Engadget - ReCellular's headquarters toured by iFixit, recycling and redistribution gets a closer look
Apr 20, 2011CNet - On Call: Best carriers for recycling your phone - CNET
Feb 3, 2011CNet - Best Buy to launch gadget buy-back at Super Bowl - CNET
Dec 27, 2010Gigaom - Xmas Cleanup: Where to Recycle Your Old Gadgets
Jan 20, 2010TechWeek Europe - Refurbished Phones Used To Aid Haiti
Jan 19, 2010eWeek - ReCellular Pledges to Trade Haitian Aid for Used Mobile Phones
Jan 19, 2010Engadget - ReCellular will recycle your phone and donate all proceeds to Haiti disaster relief
Dec 21, 2009Engadget - List of most-recycled phones has two RAZRs at the top, possibly being melted right into CLIQ molds
Mar 1, 2009Venture Beat - The consumer electronics industry is getting serious about going green
Feb 19, 2009Gigaom - EFF Volleys to Make Jailbreaking Free of “Jail-Time”
Dec 31, - ReCellular raises $15 million in a Series A funding
Dec 3, 2008CNet - Gadget trade-in services that pay off - CNET
Nov 28, 2008Gigaom - 10 Green Options for Black Friday
Nov 28, 2008Gigaom - 10 Green Options for Black Friday
Nov 28, 2008Gigaom - France's Recupyl Grabs Cash for Recycling