Acquired by on March 8, 2009
Cheshire, Connecticut
PA SportsTicker is a sports news information service provider in North America.

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Baseball Ticker
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As of March 5, 2009, PA SportsTicker Enterprises was acquired by STATS, LLC. PA SportsTicker Enterprises operates as a sports news information service provider in North America. It delivers instant scores, breaking sports news, statistics, previews, recaps, and features of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, college football, college basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, auto racing, and horse racing. The company serves radio and TV stations, broadcast and cable networks, newspapers, wire services, interactive media, on-line services, paging services, multimedia, and various electronic publishing applications in North and South America, and Japan.

PA SportsTicker Enterprises was formerly known as Baseball Ticker and changed its name to SportsTicker Enterprises LP. Further, the company changed its name to PA SportsTicker Enterprises following its acquisition by PA Sport Limited. The company was founded in 1909 and is headquartered in Cheshire, Connecticut. It has additional offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and South Africa.

Before Stats LLC purchased the company and laid off its entire editorial staff, the company was located in Cheshire CT. It also was located in Bristol CT.

That was when ESPN, which had owned the company since 1995, decided to move the wire service from its waterfront office in Jersey City. The move occurred July 11, 2004 and it shook loose many of the editorial staff, who were unsure of what would happen with the company.

Roughly two years into SportsTicker's time in Connecticut, the company was sold to a British enterprise called PA, which stands for Press Association.

Besides an editorial staff and statistical staff, the company also employed a network of roughly 700 to 800 reporters in the field, who were regulars at stadiums and arenas of all four major sports and other events.

Those reporters provided real-time updates, content for the wire and quotes from athletes, coaches and others for this content.

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  • HQ

    55 Realty Drive

    Cheshire, Connecticut 06410

    United States

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