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Omniverse is a company registered in Bulgaria that is the "juridical body" behind welshare.com - a sharing platform / social network aggregator.

Welshare tries to provide fully-integrated social network experience - users have one stream and a unified interface to it, no matter what social network the messages come from or go to. A message is reshared in all networks via a simple, unified "like" button. On the other side of simplicity - users have full control - they can filter out messages by keywords, assign thresholds to users, track important messages that were missed while being offline or search efficiently. But welshare is also a social network itself. Users have social reputation and are ranked in their city, country or globally.

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  • favit Network offers a platform that enables its users to create, store, and share content streams.
  • FriendFeed is a feed aggregator that consolidates updates from social media, social bookmarking websites, blogs, and microblogging sites.
  • Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media, loved by over 10 million people around the globe.
  • Postling is a social market service provider that allows users to publish on multiple networking sites through one centralized location.
  • TweetDeck is a Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement on web and mobile devices.

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