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Nooly develop Location-Base accurate minute-by-minute weather forecast platform and smartphone applications.

The Nooly “Personal Weatherman™” inform its users of the exact minute it will start to rain, when it will be snowing and how much, it accurately predict hail, frost, torrential rain, extreme weather, UV radiation and much more. All Nooly predictions are for an area of 1x1 square km. Nooly is currently working in the US, covering 13 million locations nation-wide (the most granular weather forecast available in the world today). The Nooly service is available to individuals via the Nooly smartphone application (Android and iOS devices). The Nooly accurate prediction is also available for 3rd party application developers so they can enrich their content with accurate weather data that is supplementary to their services e.g. Navigation apps, determine expected traffic base on accurate frost, hail, snow accumulation in key locations, various Sport applications (golf, tennis, ski, fishing etc). Food, Leisure and Entertainment apps, Social apps, Traveling apps and much more …

Nooly is also offering a weather pending advertising platform; the system calculates a weather pending demand curve for each product and advertising campaign. It predicts and advice of the exact moment an advertiser should advertise his goods with respect to various meteorological parameters.

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  • The Weather Channel is a news website reporting weather conditions of various locations around the world.
  • WeatherBug is a provider of weather information services in the U.S., generating live neighborhood-level frequent reports.

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