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More than 175 years ago, Albert Gallatin, the distinguished statesman who served as secretary of the treasury under President

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More than 175 years ago, Albert Gallatin, the distinguished statesman who served as secretary of the treasury under Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, declared his intention to establish "in this immense and fast-growing city ... a system of rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously opened to all." Founded in 1831, New York University is now one of the largest private universities in the United States. Of the more than 3,000 colleges and universities in America, New York University is one of only 60 member institutions of the distinguished Association of American Universities.

From a student body of 158 during NYU's very first semester, enrollment has grown to more than 50,000 students at...

... three degree-granting campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, and at study away sites in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Today, students come from every state in the union and from 133 foreign countries. The faculty, which initially consisted of fourteen professors and lecturers (among them artist and inventor Samuel F. B. Morse), now totals over 4,500 full-time members whose research and teaching encompasses arts and media; business; law; education; health and medicine; humanities and social sciences; science, technology, engineering, and math; public administration; the ancient world; and continuing professional studies. With more than 2,500 courses offered, the University awards more than 25 different degrees. Although overall the University is large, the individuals schools and colleges are small- to moderate-sized units – each with its own traditions, programs, and faculty – and there are many communities to be found within the NYU community based on interests, activities, and shared experiences.

The center of NYU is its New York City campus in the heart of Greenwich Village. One of the most creative and energetic cities in the world, New York City has attracted generations of artists, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals. NYU, in keeping with its founder’s vision, is “in and of the city”: the University – which has no walls and no gates – is deeply intertwined with New York City, drawing inspiration from its vitality.

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