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Mindspark develops and markets digital apps that enable online audiences to enhance their web experiences.

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Mindspark Interactive Network is an operating business unit of IAC.

Everyone loves a good snack. It can provide a much needed pick-me-up, a few moments of satisfaction, or a quick a break from reality. A snack can be a guilty pleasure, an energy boost, or even a form of self expression. Snacks, in short, make people happy.

Defined by a free or low price-point and broad consumer appeal, our interactive bites of goodness are:

Built through a rigorous internal development process—either directly for consumers or in tandem with its hundreds of partners via our B2B arm, APN.

Marketed through a world-class technology, data and distribution infrastructure that enables us to predictably find and launch new brands capable of quickly reaching a mass audience craving the latest and greatest applications.

Delivered as an add-on to a consumer's desktop, web browser or IM platform, or as a mobile app, wherever and whenever our users want to consume them.

Whatever new digital snacks our users are craving, the Mindspark team constantly innovates and consistently delivers interactive bytes of goodness to round out our consumers' daily digital diets. In a variety of flavors. For every taste. For every age.

Our Product Segments include:

Mindspark Expressions— Catering to consumers of all ages, Mindspark Expressions adds flavor to your online experience by offering a variety of unique, crave-worthy products that'll leave you begging for more.

Mindspark Fitness— Mindspark Fitness is led by DailyBurn - the most successful health and fitness lifestyle solution on the web and on mobile devices. DailyBurn provides best-in-class fitness plans, nutritional tracking, smartphone apps and social motivation to a community of over 1,750,000 people eager to reach their health and fitness goals.

Mindspark Games— Add some playful flavor to the day! Mindspark Games offers a selection of delicious diversions that's sure to satisfy both competitive and creative appetites.

Mindspark Labs— Mindspark Labs is more than an internal incubator. It's our holistic approach to doing business. Innovate. Execute. Evolve.

Mindspark Worlds— Sink your teeth into an incredible journey! Mindspark Worlds serves up virtual playgrounds where visitors can explore, make friends and showcase their creativity

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Nov 3, 2014Unknown
Feb 10, 2011Unknown
May 20, 2010Unknown

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    One North Lexington Dr

    9th Floor

    White Plains, NY 10601


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    29 Wells Avenue

    Suite 300

    Yonkers, NY 10701


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