184 Investments in 130 Companies
31 IPOs & 72 Acquisitions
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Palo Alto, California
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Financial Services, Finance, Venture Capital
Meritech Capital is a provider of late-stage venture capital to technology companies.

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Meritech isn't a venture supermarket. We don’t do seed deals one day and dabble in pre-IPO rounds the next. We do one thing, period: invest in the best late stage tech companies in the universe. We have no aspirations of raising billion dollar mega funds (been there, done that) — that’s a whole ‘nother layer of people and process. And it just doesn’t scale.

What you see is what you get. There are no armies of junior people ready to disrupt your business with invasive diligence requests and lengthy committee approvals. If you’re looking for a proctology exam, you’ve come to the wrong place. At Meritech, it’s just six partners – that’s it. Partners do all the work; partners make all the decisions. And we are prompt, transparent, and quick.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Aug, 2016$27M / Series C (Lead)
Jun, 2016$45M / Series D
May, 2016$1.8B / Series F
Mar, 2016$40M / Series D
Jan, 2016$90M / Series E
Jan, 2016$48M / Series C
Jan, 2016$17.5M / Venture
Oct, 2015$85M / Series C
Aug, 2015$35.9M / Series D
Jul, 2015undisclosed amount / Series A
Jun, 2015$82M / Series F
May, 2015$70M / Series D (Lead)
May, 2015$128M / Series G
Mar, 2015$175M / Series D
Mar, 2015$30M / Series B (Lead)
Mar, 2015$110M / Series D
Feb, 2015$22.2M / Series C (Lead)
Jan, 2015$186M / Series B
Jan, 2015$40.1M / Series C (Lead)
Aug, 2014$35M / Series D (Lead)
Jun, 2014$30M / Series C (Lead)
May, 2014$41M / Series C
May, 2014$100M / Series D
Mar, 2014undisclosed amount / Series D
Mar, 2014$40M / Series F (Lead)
Mar, 2014$71M / Series E (Lead)
Mar, 2014$50.5M / Series F (Lead)
Feb, 2014$25.5M / Series C
Jan, 2014$33M / Series C (Lead)
Nov, 2013$58M / Series C
Oct, 2013$40M / Series C (Lead)
Aug, 2013$35M / Series C (Lead)
Aug, 2013undisclosed amount / Series C
Jul, 2013$45.3M / Series D
Jun, 2013$25M / Series D (Lead)
Mar, 2013$33M / Series C (Lead)
Mar, 2013$30M / Series B (Lead)
Feb, 2013$30M / Series F (Lead)
Jan, 2013$103M / Series A
Dec, 2012$65M / Series E

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Funds (3)

Jul 29, 2014Fund V$500M
Apr 28, 2011Fund IV$425M
Aug 26, 2005Fund III$400M

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Corporate Headquarters

    245 Lytton Avenue

    Suite 125

    Palo Alto, California 94301

    United States

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