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MAU Workforce Solutions provides business solutions that give our client partnerships a competitive edge through designed processes and our greatest asset – People – in the fields of Professional Recruiting, Temporary Staffing, Outsourcing Solutions, and Outplacement Services. MAU is a Minority-Owned Company, is based in Augusta, GA and has 10 locations throughout the U.S.: Augusta, GA, Lagrange, GA, Aiken, SC, Anderson, SC, Charleston, SC, Greenville, SC, Spartanburg, SC, Jacksonville, FL, Chattanooga, TN, and Chicago, IL.

"Our sense of family coupled with our ability to hire great employees has created a level of performance and trust unmatched." - William Hatcher Sr.

The words of William Hatcher Sr. could not explain MAU Workforce Solutions more completely. We take pride in knowing that we are one of the leading recruiting and staffing agencies in the nation. Since our doors have opened in 1973, we have made it a personal mission to serve and honor our clients and applicants. Being a family owned and operated business, allows us to give our customers a customized experience they will not receive anywhere else.

With a proven track record and rapid growth over the past decades, MAU is no longer a small local agency, but a multi-faceted business solutions provider offering: Professional Recruiting, Industrial Staffing, Outsourcing Services and Human Resource Services to provide client partnerships with a competitive edge through workforce solutions.

As a Native American owned company, MAU has earned a No.4 ranking in the U.S. among the Top 100 Native American owned businesses, and a No. 2 ranking in Georgia's list of Top 100 diversity-owned businesses. The company also sits among the Top 100 U.S. staffing firms, and the Top 500 diversity-owned business in the U.S. MAU has expanded significantly as well, developing an international customer base with clients in 45 states and 22 countries.

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  • Augusta, GA Office

    501 Greene St.

    Augusta, GA 30901


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