LTCV Investment Holdings


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CB Rank (Investor) 31,843
LTCV Investment Holdings
LTCV Holdings is an investment company focused on healthy life, retail consumption and catering.
Categories  Banking, FinTech, Venture CapitalHeadquarters Regions  Asia-Pacific (APAC)Founders  Chris Tay, Norman LuiOperating Status ActiveAlso Known As LTCV Holdings
IPO Status Private
Website Contact Email Info@ltcvholdings.comPhone Number 8602161005022

LTCV Holdings is an investment company focused on healthy life, retail consumption and catering. Creating a perfect entry and exit platform for shareholders is our goal, but it is not the end. LTCV leverages the wealth of industry experience and resource network of the investment team to help entrepreneurs and their companies find themselves, break through innovations, and grow steadily to create the greatest value for the company.

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Board Members and Advisors

Number of Board Members / Advisors 1
LTCV Investment Holdings has 1 board member or advisor, Chris Tay.
Chris Tay
Board Member
Dec 1, 2015

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LTCV Investment Holdings is actively using 2 technologies for its website. These include SPF and Alibaba Cloud MailBox.

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