Campbell, California
Locust Storage is developing an enterprise-class networked storage that offers breakthroughs in terms of price/performance.

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Locust Storage is developing a new category of enterprise-class networked storage that offers fundamental breakthroughs in terms of price/performance, capacity, and system intelligence. These advancements, based on a unique architecture that leverages industry-standard technology, dramatically reduce the CapEx and OpEx required in large-scale enterprise storage deployments. Locust will deliver throughput performance that matches the customer requirement unfettered by the architectural constraints of our competitors.

We calculate significant customer cost savings from a capital, operational and scale-out perspective. Locust Storage scales massively and cost-effectively, whilst consuming 95% less electrical power than competitive systems. Self configuring and self healing architecture dramatically reduces maintenance costs. Locust disk arrays run at ambient temperature, do not require mechanical cooling and are smart-grid ready.

With datacenter real estate and energy costs (power and cooling) forecast to escalate going forward, we expect significant ‘greenâ€:tm: interest in our products, particularly so from US Government agencies. Studies show enterprise data storage devices in the US annually consume 10 billion KW/h. The global market for enterprise data storage is currently $10B per annum and forecast to have double digit CAGR for the foreseeable future. IT equipment manufacturers are being increasingly open about the fact that energy costs to run their equipment post-purchase will exceed the capital cost by a factor of two or more.

Locustâ€:tm:s patent-pending technology and unique innovations are keys to providing a clear market disruption with very substantial, very quantifiable customer benefits

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    300 Orchard City Drive

    Suite 100A

    Campbell, California 95008

    United States

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