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Lavalife offers a suite of branded voice, web and mobile products and services to open-minded and socially active singles.
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Lavalife Corp.'s mission is to connect, engage and entertain singles. In doing so, it aims to be the North American leader in mobile-driven, multi-channel communities, products and services for singles.

Founded in 1987, Lavalife offers its community of cosmopolitan, open-minded and socially active singles a suite of branded products, available on three separate platforms voice, web and mobile. Each caters to their need to communicate and be entertained anytime, anywhere, anyhow through a variety of communication channels. In addition, Lavalife produces and/or distributes web and mobile content in the form of editorials, ringtones and alerts, as well as events to further inform and enrich its member's lives

Lavalife's products include lavalifeWEB, lavalifeVOICE, lavalifeMOBILE, lavalifePRIME™, Lavalife2Go™, Lavalife Party, Manline.com, Manline®, Womanline.com, Night Exchange®, CLICK by lavalife, TextChatFun™, Text2CLICK™, Browse2CLICK™, ChatHerUp™, SpeedFlirts™, Txteasers™, ChatParty™, and lavalifeRINGTONES. Each product is focused on providing a unique and different experience, specifically designed for a targeted demographic and psychographic profile.

Lavalife's uniqueness is based on:

A selection of web, voice and mobile-based products and services providing "anytime, anywhere, anyhow" access to like-minded individuals.

Three distinct communities on lavalifeVOICE and lavalife.com where open-minded singles can choose to participate Dating, Relationship and Intimate Encounters

Products and services beyond dating: * An online singles magazine called CLICK * A variety of ringtones for mobile devices on a subscription basis * A series of singles events in Canada and the United States

Lavalife's head office and call centre are located in Toronto, Canada, employing over 275 staff.

Lavalife has over 1.2 million members who exchange more than 1.3 million messages every day.

Products (5)

  • Launched in 2006, our online magazine CLICK by lavalife charts dating, relationships, sex, life and style among urban singles.
  • Launched in 2004, lavalifeMOBILE is available throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.
  • Launched in 2007, lavalifePRIME is one of the world's first personals and social networking websites designed exclusively for singles 45+.
  • Acquired by Lavalife in 2006, lavalifeRINGTONES offers monthly subscribers ringtones and alerts from a vast selection through
  • Lavalife launched the Lavalife phone system in 1987 and now offers its voice services in over 60 markets across the United States, Canada

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Office

    905 King Street

    West Ste 500

    Toronto, ON M6K 3G9


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