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Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
khitchdee is a service allowing users to create their own app's.
OSX, Developer Tools, Hardware

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We're developing a way to build gadgets
at small scale (1 to 10000 units/batch).
A tool for this, codenamed Charkhaa,
should be ready by 2019.
We'll target local markets,
where PC penetration is still under 10%.

The codename Charkhaa is inspired by India's perhaps most famous personality
M.K. "Mahatma" Gandhi
While he did not come up with that name, it's a common noun origionating in Hindi
it was the symbol of the so called Khadi movement initiated by him
which was a counter-reaction
to the gross commercialization being thrust on Indian consumers by the British
who, armed with the technology to produce cotton at industrial scales
were flooding Indian markets with their fabrics
The Khadi movement developed fabric production as a cottage industry instead
fabric was produced by hand-spinning thread from cotton using the Charkhaa
which was basically a mechanical spinning wheel
and then weaving that into fabric on a mechanical hand-operated loom
Mr Gandhi himself spearheaded that movement
Since he was already popular as a figurehead at that time
consumers aligned with his ideas to a large extent

Khitchdee's designs are along similar lines
We want to give naive Indian consumer swayed by excessive marketing, mostly on TV
a home-grown alternative to their personal gadget technology
The first rock in this battle was perhaps thrown by hon'ble Kapil Sibal
former HRD minister of the former Congress disposition govt
He introduced the idea of producing a home-grown tablet named Akash
which was to be produced using lean engineering techniques
and offered to consumers at a price of $50
This was at a time, when the closest option in price
was a $200 tablet developed along similar lines by MIT's Nicholas Negroponte
through his philanthropic OLPC project
Akash sent shivers down the spines of the developing economies divisions
of major PC OEMs and component suppliers
such as Intel, Microsoft and Dell
who were banking on these markets as new avenues for growth
given that North American and European markets were topping out due to saturation
The project did not quite materialize as planned due to execution problems
But it started a demand undercurrent for indigenous technologies that remains
Notion Ink, an equally famous Indian technology start-up
has caught the imagination of Indian consumers
by producing a series of tablets and 2-in-1s, designed at their labs in Bengaluru

Our Charkhaa project aims to build on this undercurrent and grow it into a wave
by getting the local industry to align with our plans
We intend to provide the nucleus around which
other partners in our locale can grow a new technology production platform
expressly to meet the demands of our growing local markets

This is a long term project that we are executing in a phased approach
initially, we are working on the top level of gadget design
and we are doing it in a way that generates short term revenue
we are designing a tool for high-level app design for Apple's popular OSX platform
This way, we can service users to develop their own apps
which is our stated mission

While our project is on solid ground as far as the idea is concerned
the level of risk involved in its execution means
the VCs wont touch us with a 10 foot pole
This necessitates a bootstrapped approach to our initial growth
which is why we are going after apps first
Another hindrance to our rate of progress is the fact that we are based outside of Bengaluru
since most of the Indian IT industry is based there
there is a strong support and mentoring ecosystem that exists there
to the exclusion of its existence anywhere else
We are based in Allahabad, which is an academically advanced small city in UP
but lacks infrastructure in the engineering area
specially in the human resource department

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Sep, 2016undisclosed amount / Non Equity Assistance4

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    Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211002


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