Kadaza is a software company that develops personalized start pages and internet home pages.
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Kadaza is the most reliable and comprehensive Web Directory and Personalized Start Page, since 2008. Kadaza.com shows only the absolute best and most popular websites, covering hundreds of topics like news, career, and social networking. It is also possible to create your own visual start page in an easy to use, drag'n'drop environment.

The design and interface provide a new way of navigating the web. Links are visualized by logos and are clearly categorized with lots of eye-pleasing colors. Kadaza uses a strict site selection process and is uncompromising when it comes to picking only the most popular and best websites.

You can keep your favorite and most frequently visited websites on the customizable homepage, without the need for registration. Favorites can easily be added and removed with drag'n'drop functionality. You can also customize Kadaza with colors, patterns, and images to instantly change the way the start page looks.

The Dutch version of Kadaza was launched in 2008 by Amsterdam student Karel Rotteveel. He wanted to create a new generation of web directory to improve the user's web-surfing experience. After completing a university project in which he examined the surfing behaviour of average internet users, he came up with the idea to develop a clear and complete overview of only the most commonly used resources on the web.

Competitors (4)

  • Our All-in-One Social Media Software provides web businesses with the right tools and services to fully integrate sites and apps with the
  • Netvibes provides a platform that enables people to personalize and publish their daily digital lives.
  • Pageflakes is an Ajax-based start-page and personal web portal allowing users to create their own customized homepage for the web.
  • Yahoo! is a technology company that is known for its web services and applications.

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  • Headquarters

    Keizersgracht 451

    Amsterdam, 1017DK


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