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JobsMiner is a unique service allowing users to search the vast social space for job opportunities. In other words, we bring job seekers job offers people post to their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, or in professional Blogs and Forums.

JobsMiner unlocks the closed circle of friends and expands it by finding all job postings on the social media sites, even wall postings on Facebook (posted ‘public’) or blog and forum posts. This allows job seekers easy access to many more hidden postings they would normally not find in their regular social media job search. Many of JobsMiner’s listings are found before the position is even posted on a company website or job board.

JobsMiner, currently in the Beta phase, was established in 2010 to provide job seekers with a free search tool to find jobs using the social media networks they already use on a daily basis. JobMiner’s unique characteristics make it the first, and only, social media search engine for locating job postings. Currently the service is only available for jobs located in the United States. Based on its multi-lingual capabilities, the service will be extended soon in additional markets.

For more info watch this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZRR4LjTHHM or feel free to contact us here - http://www.jobsminer.com/contact

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