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docsNtalks (a project by iXive LLC) is a collaboration network and online archive for documents and presentations from conferences as well as a tool for ongoing projects such as weekly seminars, group meetings, think-tanks and "roundtables".

docsNtalks was born out of the need to update the way large groups store and share their information. Instead of the old booklet and CD format, traditionally handed out at conferences and workshops, we created a professional network for both documents and people which cultivates communication and collaboration between users. docsNtalks, as such, is not only a mere data archive but a contact archive as well.

We provide a powerful yet easy to use tool to share talks online as well as providing forums for discussion and bulletin boards. This is a one-stop-shop for getting your workshop or conference online and archived forever. docsNtalks utilizes a unique document viewer that eliminates the need to download documents... just view it!

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