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iMoCu Corporation is a New York-based mobile technology company that offers a frictionless mobile wallet which enables people to securely send money to anyone, anywhere instantly through a simple SMS text message. Together with their merchant POS app and plugins, they enable people to complete retail and online transactions with the same anonymity as cash.

Mobile Wallet: Their mWallet is frictionless and allows anyone with a SMS enabled phone to create a mobile wallet in under a minute. Users can load their wallet by linking their bank account or using cash at any of their merchant locations or participating banks. They currently have over 9,000 such locations in the US. The mWallet allows for post-funding activation, which allows users to send money to anyone, including non-mWallet users. The mWallet is integrated with a reloadable debit card and supports digital currencies as well. This allows users to move funds seamlessly amongst their mobile wallet, physical card, and digital currencies.

Merchant Payment Solutions: Their merchant POS app is currently available on the Android platform with an iOS app under development. They also offer API's for integrating their payment system into major e-commerce shopping carts. Their unique two-way, dual-platform authentication system virtually eliminates transactional fraud and allows users to complete transactions without divulging sensitive information such as credit card numbers or billing information. Merchants also benefit greatly from their extremely low transactional fees and near-zero chargeback rate compared with existing credit card networks.

Global Remittance: The iMoCu platform is being simultaneously deployed in several global markets with the goal of linking their markets together to create an instant remittance platform. Outside the US they are currently bringing their platform to market in key countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbeans, and Latin America. Their SMS-based platform represents a key competitive advantage in markets where smartphones and internet service are still scarce.

Enterprise White-Label: iMoCu enterprise solutions leverage the full strength of their technology with the brand recognition of existing businesses. Their white-label solutions combine the best of their technology with the power of existing brands.

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    30 Jericho Executive Plaza

    Jericho, NY 11753


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