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happybuy saves shoppers money by tracking prices on products from the worlds largest online stores. Shoppers can be alerted of price drops for products and by utilising the PricePredictâ„¢ technology be recommended when and by how much pricing is likely to drop.

For initial launch happybuy partnered with three of the webs largest stores; Amazon.com, iTunes and the Apple App Store. Shoppers are able to browse departments, view price history and track pricing across all product categories. Prices are currently being tracked on millions of physical and digital products including Apps, Music and Movies for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Once tracked, happybuy PricePredictâ„¢ calculates when is the best time to buy using historical pricing movements and lets shoppers know via email alert when prices drop. Using the purchase recommendation, shoppers are able to make considerable savings off already discounted prices.

About PricePredict PricePredictâ„¢ is a pricing analysis algorithm created by happybuy to determine future pricing events and purchase recommendations. By analysing historical, seasonal and category pricing data, PricePredictâ„¢ accurately determines the likelihood of future price changes at an individual product level. As more pricing data is available to the engine, the accuracy of its predictions and potential savings for shoppers increase. Utilising PricePredictâ„¢, happybuy achieves savings for shoppers generally surpassing conventional 'price comparison' sites.

The biggest bargains of the day are also highlighted via the happybuy daily deal tweet on twitter @happybuycom

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