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GoGo Rocket is a service that helps boost your Indiegogo campaign's gogo factor.

GoGo Rocket is the only service on the web that specializes in boosting your crowdfunding campaign's gogo factor to get you more exposure on Indiegogo.com.

The "gogo factor" is a numerical score and algorithm on Indiegogo.com that determines the page rank of your campaign and its chances of being featured. A high gogo factor is the key to success.

Indiegogo.com’s CEO Slava Rubin had this to say about the GoGoFactor:

“It’s YOU that has the power to earn your promotion. Some campaigns get over 90% from complete strangers whilst others never earn a dollar. The higher your gogofactor, the more promotion you get from Indiegogo, and the higher your chances are at earning the coveted Indiegogo effect!”

Using the GoGo Rocket service gives your campaign a distinct advantage in getting more exposure on Indiegogo.com and increasing your chances of being featured on the front page.

Verified Website: http://www.GoGoRocket.com

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  • GoGo Rocket Office

    3620 Mt Pinos Way

    Suite 201

    Frazier Park, CA 93225


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