FriendBinder was founded in 2007
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  • FriendBinder is social network aggregator tool, it allows you to keep up with all of your friends on various social networks such as

Competitors (7)

  • FriendFeed is a feed aggregator that consolidates updates from social media, social bookmarking websites, blogs, and microblogging sites.
  • Lifestream is a media and services aggregator that keeps users informed about what they do online at a glance and in realtime.
  • OneSwirl is a lifestream aggregator, that gives users the ability to put all their Internet activities in one place.
  • Plaxo is a cloud-based online address book that synchronizes, updates and unifies the user's contacts across multiple sources.
  • PowerCom allows users to move content from one network to another in real-time and contact people across social networks.
  • Socialthing synchronizes personal information and enables users to manage multiple social networking feeds from a single web dashboard.
  • Spokeo is a search engine providing more than 18 million unique monthly visitors valuable data records about people.

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    , CV32

    United Kingdom

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