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64 Acquisitions
IPO / Stock
Went Public on May 18, 2012 / NASDAQ:FB
Menlo Park, California
Facebook is an online social networking service that enables its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections.
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February 4, 2004
10k + | 361 in Crunchbase

Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users. Its features include status update, photo tagging and sharing, and more.

Facebook’s profile structure includes a timeline, information related to the user, images of the user, images added by friends of the user, notes, pages, groups, and more. It enables its users to create pages related to entertainment, sports, business, finance, preferences, hobbies, culture, religion, causes, organizations, and a number of other categories. It also enables its users to join or create groups related to a vast number of categories.

With millions of more users, Friendster attempted to acquire the company for $10 million in mid-2004. Facebook turned down the offer and subsequently received $12.7 million in funding from Accel Partners at a valuation of around $100 million. Facebook continued to grow opening up to high school students in September 2005 and adding a photo sharing feature the next month. The next spring, Facebook received $25 million in funding from Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital as well as previous investors Accel Partners and Peter Thiel. The pre-money valuation for this deal was about $525 million. Facebook subsequently opened up to work networks eventually amassing over 20,000 work networks. Finally in September 2006, Facebook was opened to anyone with an email address.

Facebook continued to receive funding most notably in January 2011 receiving $1.5 billion and valuing the company at $50 billion. A year later in February 2012, Facebook announced that it was filing for its long-anticipated initial public offering. The company went public on May 18, 2012 opening in NASDAQ with shares trading at $42.05.

Facebook announced positive numbers in February 2012 upon filing for its IPO. As of July 2013 over 1.15 billion users have logged into Facebook every month and 669 million users daily. Mobile users now make up half of Facebook’s user base with 819 million monthly actives. Facebook is one of the most trafficked sites in the United States. Additionally, Facebook is the top photo sharing site with 250 million photos uploaded per day.

The company has strategic partnership with AXA Group to develop marketing and commercial collaboration in the digital, social, and mobile sphere.

Facebook is currently the owner of many applications and services such as Pagemodo Pagebuilder, RSS Graffiti, Huddle, and more. It is the world’s largest social network with over 1.32 billion monthly active users.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes on February 4, 2004 in Menlo Park, California.

Funding Rounds (11) - $2.43B

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jan, 2011$1.5B / Private Equity2
Jun, 2010$210M / Secondary Market2
May, 2009$200M / Series D$10B1
May, 2008$100M / Debt Financing1
Mar, 2008$60M / Series C2
Jan, 2008$15M / Series C2
Nov, 2007$60M / Series C1
Oct, 2007$240M / Series C1
Apr, 2006$27.5M / Series B5
May, 2005$12.7M / Series A5
Sep, 2004$500k / Angel4

Acquisitions (64)

Sep 19, 2016Unknown
Aug 8, 2016Unknown
May 23, 2016Unknown
Mar 9, 2016Unknown
Oct 5, 2015Unknown
Mar 13, 2015Unknown
Jan 16, 2015Unknown
Jan 8, 2015Unknown
Jan 5, 2015Unknown
Aug 7, 2014Unknown

Investments (7)

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Oct, 2016$230k / Grant (Lead)
Oct, 2016$40k / Grant (Lead)
Mar, 2015$1.5M / Undisclosed
Jan, 2015$50k / Seed
Nov, 2013$1.7M / Seed
Feb, 2009$350k / Seed
Dec, 2008undisclosed amount / Grant

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Products (32)

  • Facebook Messaging App
  • Conversion lift accurately captures the impact that Facebook ads have in driving business for marketers.
  • Facebook at Work lets you use a separate work account and Facebook tools to interact with coworkers.
  • Everyone of us. Everywhere. Connected.
  • Finally, an easy way to get all the photos of yourself trapped on your friends' phones and family
  • Aquila is the first complete concept we’ve seen come out of Facebook’s acqui-hires of engineers from UK-based Ascenta.
  • The 'Donate Now’ calls-to-action on Pages and link ads to make those connections easier than ever.
  • Facebook Connect Integration

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Competitors (10)

  • Bebo is a social networking website.
  • Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers
  • Friendster is a social gaming site focused on providing users with entertainment and fun.
  • Hi5 is a social networking site that allows its users to create, upload, and share content with other members.
  • An interest-based social network and curated news site for meeting like-minded people and discovering great interest specific content
  • MySpace is a social networking site that enables members to make friends, write blog posts, add music, and customize their MySpace pages.
  • Palzme is a global online social networking website that allows users to connect with their friends and family through various features.
  • Periscope offers real-time video feeds, enabling individuals to see the world through another person's eyes.

Partners (6)

  • Amazon.com is an international e-commerce website for consumers, sellers, and content creators.
  • Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products.
  • Datalogix uses digital media and offline purchasing data to provide analytics and meaningful insights to marketers.
  • Acxiom is a SaaS-based company providing enterprise data analytics to fuel data-driven results.
  • IBM is an IT technology and consulting firm providing computer hardware, software, and infrastructure and hosting services.
  • Microsoft, a software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services.

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Headquarters

    1 Hacker Way

    Menlo Park, California 94025

    United States

Upcoming Event Appearances (6)

F8 2017

April 18, 2017 - April 19, 2017

McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California, San Jose, California, United States

F8 2017 is Facebook's annual developer conference that showcases what's next for Facebook and its latest products.

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