Budapest, Budapest
Dragontape is a service that lets people make music videos out of their own video.
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Dragontape is a web app that lets you create mixtapes of your favorite online videos.

While it is basically a playlist editor, Dragontape delivers this functionality through a fun, easy-to-use yet powerful user interface that offers a very natural and immersive experience. The skills required of the user are no more complex and no less intuitive than those needed to operate a tape recorder 20 years ago.

Users can create mixtapes in just three easy steps: 1. Find the clips you’re looking for using the built-in search box 2. Drag and arrange the clips on the tape 3. Save your mixtape so you can watch it or share it with friends

Dragontape assigns a single URL to each saved mixtape, making it easier than ever before for users to access their video collections.

Like a professional video editor, Dragontape presents users with a timeline to which you can add your clips. The length of the clips on the timeline represents their duration. The clips arranged on the timeline make up the tape. This visual approach to playlist editing makes it supersimple for users to see at all times the number, thumbnail, title and length of all the clips included in the selection. Editing and viewing are not seperate processes; while you are watching you can add further clips to your tape.

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