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DiOui is a mobile application that allows you to discover people, places and offers nearby.
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DiOui is a mobile application that allows you to discover people, places and offers nearby.

Discover and contact the people around you in real time with no need of physical interaction.

Know what they are saying, if they have friends or interests in common and who are those familiar strangers you are always into.

And the best! DiOui concerns about your privacy, it will only shows the information of your public profiles allowed by Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. Furthermore, this information will not be shared with anyone else.

What is DiOui? It's an application for mobile phones that shows you who is the people, what are the places and offers around you, by letting you acces their public Facebook profile.

Where to get DiOui? Access it from your cell on www.dioui.com/m or download the application DiOui in Facebook, which will guide you through the process of setting up your phone.

What type of phone do you need? DiOui works on almost every phone, as when accesing the webpage www.dioui.com/m from your device a launcher will first be downloaded and this will recognize your type of phone and will automatically offer you the most appropriate version of DiOui.

How does DiOui work? You conduct a search with your phone. The result will show the public Facebook profiles of the people who are close by. Now you can see their profiles, add them as friends, send them a Facebook message or even a text message (sms) without actually having their phone number.

What can you do with the DiOui application on Facebook? The results of every search conducted with your phone are automatically saved in the application DiOui in Facebook, sorted by date, location, number of encounters and common friends. You will be able to access their public facebook profiles if you wish to do so, label them in line with your selected criteria, and decide accordingly who to add as a friend or simply remove them from your list of encounters. It is also possible to set up filters so only people that you like and that match your personal interests will show up in searches. After specifying your filters, turn on your cell and your DiOui will be ready to find exactly the kind of people you actually want to find.

How do I invite my friends to use DiOui? You can do it the conventional way over Facebook or through your phone via blueetooth. You can also send a free text message to your contacts in your phonebook.

DiOui finds in Facebook the people around you!

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  • Buenos Aires Office

    Sarmiento 669

    Buenos Aires, 1061 AAL


  • Usa Office

    364 University Avenue

    Palo Alto, CA 94301


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