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Went Public on Jul 18, 2014 / NASDAQ:CBAY
Total Equity Funding
$138.43M in 5 Rounds from 20 Investors
Hayward, California
CymaBay Therapeutics is focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary new medicines for critical human diseases.
Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, Biotechnology

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CymaBay Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company located in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary new medicines for important human diseases. We are committed to developing breakthrough medicines that improve the lives of patients and their families. CymaBay was seeded with the assets from an earlier metabolic disease company in which more than $120M was invested to produce a robust pipeline.

Arhalofenate is a novel oral small molecule being developed to treat the approximately 1 million gout patients that flare three or more times per year. Gout flares are painful inflammatory episodes caused by crystals of monosodium urate (MSU) that result from excess serum uric acid (sUA). In three Phase 2 studies in gout patients arhalofenate was shown to reduce the incidence and duration of flares while simultaneously lowering sUA. If confirmed in additional clinical studies, arhalofenate’s dual acting profile would be unique since all other urate lowering therapies paradoxically increase flares as they lower sUA over the first 6 to 12 months of treatment. Increased flares lead many patients to stop or avoid treatment leading to progression of disease with pain and suffering, erosion of joint structure and functionality, lost time from work, and increased healthcare costs.

Funding Rounds (8) - $171.51M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Aug, 2015$325k / Debt Financing0
Dec, 2013$5M / Debt Financing2
Oct, 2013$26.83M / Venture0
Nov, 2009$8.6M / Venture12
Jul, 2009$27.75M / Debt Financing0
Apr, 2007$32M / Series D15
Dec, 2004$44M / Series B7
Aug, 2003$27M / Venture4

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    3876 Bay Center Place

    Hayward, California 94545

    United States

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