Cresta Energy Capital


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CB Rank (Investor) 19,259
Cresta Energy Capital
Cresta Energy Capital is a private equity firm.
Headquarters Regions  Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Southern USOperating Status Active
Investor Type  Private Equity Firm Investment Stage  Private Equity

Cresta Energy Capital is a re-defining the traditional private equity model in the midstream market place. Cresta was founded by midstream professionals that understand that successful industry solutions require a unique perspective, a dedicated team and supportive capital. This forward-looking approach can create solutions to problems our competitors have yet to even consider.

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Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Private Equity Stage Investors
79 Number of Organizations ● $182.1M Total Funding Amount ● 2 Number of Investors
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Funds Raised

Number of Funds 1
Total Fund Raised $163M
Cresta Energy Capital has raised a total of $163M in a single venture fund, Cresta Energy Fund I. This fund was announced on Jan 14, 2019 and raised a total of $163M.
Announced Date  
Fund Name  
Money Raised  
Jan 14, 2019
Cresta Energy Fund I

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