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Cards Off provides consumers with a simplified 3 step online e-commerce system to speed up online shopping.

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End-to-end secured transaction on the internet, from filling up your cart to the actual delivery of goods, without ever using your personal information, nor banking details or card.

Cards Off is a new way of securing online transactions end-to-end, from the moment you place goods in your shopping cart to the moment the real goods are delivered into your hands.

Consider the following situations : - Mr. Smith orders a brand new plasma TV on the internet. Two weeks after the promised delivery, he finds out that somebody signed for him on the delivery voucher, and he never receives the TV hes been charged for. - Mrs. Allen finds one day that she has been charged for over $1.000 from an overseas webmerchant she did not even know. - Miss Moore discovers that a car has been bought under her name, with a bank account and a loan both opened under her name. She is being urged to pay for something that has been bought fraudulently using her identity.

In a nutshell : the internet (4% of the payment market) is the source of 49% of payment fraud. And payment fraud is even lower than ID theft.

To solve those issues, Cards Off offers a unique solution to buy online without ever using or transmitting personal information across the internet.

Developed with a different approach, Cards Off offers a true one-click solution for consumers with a real cost-effective business model to the web merchants, as well as a totally secured function for the banks.

Here is the process rupture, and how it is different : - Secure transaction end-to-end, secure payment being only a part of the full process, - Never use a debit/credit card to pay online (no storage of personal / banking details or database that could be accessed online), - Never transfer real world information (name, address, bank account number, debit/credit card numbers), - No more theft / bad faith : the two-factor authentication (One-time Password + RFID chip) guarantees the physical delivery of goods.

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    48, rue de Miromesnil

    Paris, 75008


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