Car Driving Simulator


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CB Rank (Company) 179,717
Car Driving Simulator
Master your driving skills! With their Car Driving Training Simulator.
Categories  Automotive, Manufacturing, SimulationOperating Status Active
IPO Status PrivateCompany Type For Profit
Website Facebook  View on Facebook Twitter  View on Twitter Phone Number +91-9004580102

Car Driving Simulator is a car driving simulator provider & distributor company located in Mumbai, India. They provide car driving simulators to motor training schools and individuals looking for entertainment / learning purpose. The product is available in very low cost and helps to improve your driving skills. This equipment is easy to install – you just need to connect the hardware with your computer and start your driving journey! Its portable, so can be installed anywhere, anytime.

Car driving simulator provides real life car driving experience. With this product, you can learn the basics of driving just by sitting at home without worrying about any damages. As they say “to strengthen your foundation, you have to go back to the basics” and their simulator provides a platform to improve the basics of driving a car. The software application has many tracks with different weathers – summer, winter and rain. Each track has different obstacles so that the user can master his / her driving skills.

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