416 Investments in 229 Companies
15 IPOs & 71 Acquisitions
Menlo Park, California
Funds Raised:
Health Diagnostics, Venture Capital, Information Technology
Canaan Partners is a California-based early-stage venture capital firm focused on disruptive technology startups and healthcare companies.

Investor Details


Canaan Partners is a private equity, venture capital firm specializing in buyout investments in all stages of development, seed financings, start-ups, growth and early stage investments, typically Series A and B financings. It typically invests in technology and healthcare sectors. Within technology, it focuses on fintech, big data, cloud, mobile, consumer software, advertising and marketing, clean technology, security, domains, wireless, managed services, online advertising, electronic payments, mobile, micro payments, and loyalty services, electronics and computer hardware, digital media, digital health, enterprise software and services, and communications and mobility.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Oct, 2016$14M / Series A (Lead)
Oct, 2016$29M / Series C (Lead)
Oct, 2016$36M / Series E
Oct, 2016$4.4M / Seed
Sep, 2016$10M / Venture
Sep, 2016$10M / Series A (Lead)
Sep, 2016$6M / Venture (Lead)
Sep, 2016$6.5M / Series A (Lead)
Sep, 2016$8M / Series C (Lead)
Sep, 2016$47.6M / Series B
Aug, 2016$12.7M / Series C and
Jul, 2016$3M / Series A
Jun, 2016$9M / Series B
Jun, 2016$2M / Seed (Lead)
Jun, 2016$7.5M / Series A
May, 2016$12.2M / Series A (Lead)
May, 2016$12.5M / Series A
May, 2016$46M / Series A
Apr, 2016$15M / Series B (Lead)
Apr, 2016$40M / Series E
Mar, 2016$40M / Series A
Mar, 2016$30M / Debt Financing
Mar, 2016$2.5M / Series A (Lead)
Mar, 2016$43M / Series B
Jan, 2016$3M / Seed
Jan, 2016$6M / Series A
Jan, 2016$67M / Series A
Dec, 2015$13.5M / Series B
Dec, 2015$5.5M / Series A
Dec, 2015$50M / Venture
Nov, 2015$51.7M / Series D
Nov, 2015$14.12M / Series C (Lead)
Nov, 2015$30M / Series C
Oct, 2015$41.6M / Series B (Lead)
Oct, 2015$2M / Series A (Lead)
Sep, 2015$10M / Series A
Sep, 2015$30M / Series B
Aug, 2015$12M / Series A
Aug, 2015$16M / Series B
Jul, 2015$35M / Series D

Current Team (27)


Funds (5)

Unknown DateFund IX$600M
Sep 25, 2001Canaan Equity III$700M
2007Fund VIII$650M
May 3, 2005Canaan VII$450M
Oct 16, 2014Fund X$675M

Offices/Locations (4)

  • Westport Office

    285 Riverside Avenue

    Suite 250

    Westport, Connecticut 06880

    United States

  • New York Office

    95 5th Ave.

    5th Floor

    New York, New York 10003

    United States

  • Headquarters

    2765 Sand Hill Road

    Menlo Park, California 94025

    United States

  • Israel Office

    11 HaMenofim St.

    Ackerstein Towers, Building B Floor #10

    Herzliya, Tel Aviv 46120


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