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Aug 23, 2017Buzzfeed - This Woman Wrote A Beautiful Letter To Her 7-Year-Old Godson After He Was Told His Family Wasn't "Real"
Aug 22, 2017AdWeek - BuzzFeed’s Tasty and Nifty Brands Are Finally Joining Snapchat Discover
Aug 22, 2017Buzzfeed - The Girl Scouts Have Accused The Boy Scouts Of Secretly Trying To Recruit Girls To Appeal To Millennial Parents
Aug 22, 2017DeMoines Register - New R. Kelly accuser steps forward with underage sex, abuse allegations
Aug 22, 2017Hollywood Report - BuzzFeed News Video Department Gets a Shake-Up
Aug 22, 2017Palm Beach Post - Teens show up to historically black Howard University wearing MAGA hats
Aug 22, 2017Buzzfeed - A Woman Who Says She Had Underage Sex With R. Kelly Is Finally Telling Her Story
Aug 21, - After ‘bizarre’ demand, reporter snagged a rare friendly interview with Jerry Lewis
Aug 21, 2017Buzzfeed - These Teenagers Showed Up To Howard University Wearing MAGA Hats And Quickly Got Criticized
Aug 21, 2017CNBC - Behind the bluster of Steve Bannon’s #war cry
Aug 21, 2017Buzzfeed - Adam Scott Is Starring In A New Horror-Comedy About Parenting The Antichrist
Aug 21, - The Intellectual Freedom of The Daily Caller
Aug 20, 2017New York Times (NYT) - Behind the Bluster of Steve Bannon’s #War Cry
Aug 18, 2017Technode (China) - 现已有超过 5 亿台设备支持 Google 的“小程序”Android Instant Apps
Aug 18, 2017Buzzfeed - White Supremacists Use DNA Tests To Prove Their Racial Purity Online. But Companies Won't Necessarily Kick Them Off.
Aug 17, - Hackers take over several HBO Twitter accounts
Aug 17, 2017Buzzfeed - Twitter’s Favorite Excuse Is Failing The Public
Aug 17, 2017Search Engine Land - Pinterest now lets people zoom in on pins, has redesigned visual search icon
Aug 17, 2017Buzzfeed - Apple Pay Is Cutting Off White Supremacists
Aug 17, 2017Fast Company - Apple pulls Apple Pay support from white supremacist websites