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Bizantra – All-in-one startup and small business software that delivers all the essential business management systems you need so you and your team save cost, time, and can do more business anywhere.

Ready to run management systems for customer database, employee records, finance and document sharing, plus business building functions for sales generation & customer collaboration. Works offline and online with automatically updated information to do business anywhere. Bizantra delivers the big business power and speed of integrated software without the unnecessary complexities, in one low cost, easy to use, secure system.

Business Organised – Everything Where You Need It When You Need It Document Libraries, Project Tasks & Calendars, Order Records, Finance with Invoicing, Employee Record Keeping, Contact Management for Customer & Supplier Records. Everything you need in one place. Bizantra Dashboard & Finance Dashboard so you’re always on top of your business with a lot less email traffic.

Business Shared – In Bizantra Team Working is Standard Your team & business partners have information whenever they need it with Bizantra Shared Spaces & Multi User as standard. Documents, Project Tasks & Calendars, Finance, Employee Records, Order Records – Synchronise with the people you select. The easiest way of working together across the office or across the world.

Increase Sales – Inbuilt Contact Management, Email Marketing & Collaboration Individual or team follow up of prospects, customer and service issues with multi user contact management. Simple email marketing to contacts you select. 24/7 controlled customer & business partner access to secure document libraries & project areas for professional collaboration & management.

Do Business Anywhere PC & Mac versions are fast, and work offline and online, so you always have all your business information with you. Web access for when you don’t have your PC.

Business Protected All your business information continuously backed up and recoverable. Bizantra is encrypted to protect information on your PC. Secure messaging for valuable information that should not go through public email.

Breakthrough Low Cost for a Complete Multi User Business System Base cost includes 10 full users and 100 external business partners with a Risk Free monthly subscription.

Significantly lower cost than buying & managing separate software and single user subscriptions.

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  • HQ

    Gordon House

    Lissenden Gardens

    London, England NW5 1LX

    United Kingdom

  • Dev & Support

    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


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