23 Investments in 20 Companies
3 IPOs & 10 Acquisitions
Seattle, Washington
Financial Services, Venture Capital, Enterprise Software
Founded 1996 Employees 4 Burlingame, CA 650/685-8540www.attractor.com Tech IPOs 3 2000 equi-return 46.6% MARKET Private venture capital

Investor Details

Private Equity Firm that does Early Stage Venture and Later Stage Venture Investments
Advertising, Mobile, Digital Media

MARKET Private venture capital firm that invests primarily in Internet, enterprise software, and telecommunications companies. (So private that it declined to participate in this survey.) Reportedly prefers later-stage investments and targets mostly California companies. Portfolio IPOs for 2000 were CrossWorlds Software, Nuance Communications, and Support.com. Previous IPO companies include Vignette and AdForce; currently has investments in privately held companies including BizRate.com and Catena Networks.

FINANCE Will not disclose current amount of capital under management. However, according to Venture Economics, it has invested $180 million in 33 portfolio companies as of May 2001. Limited partners include such technology luminaries as Halsey Minor (CNet founder), Marc Andreessen (Loudcloud chairman and Netscape cofounder), and Andy Bechtolsheim (Sun Microsystems cofounder). Typically invests in ten new companies per year. Cofounder and partner Harvey Allison was formerly a senior technology analyst for Amerindo Investment Advisors; cofounder and partner Gigi Brisson was formerly a technology fund manager with Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Company.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Jun, 2014$4.6M / Series A
Jun, 2014undisclosed amount / Series A (Lead)
Sep, 2008$2.25M / Series A
Sep, 2007$7.42M / Series B (Lead)
Jul, 2007$33M / Series D
Jul, 2005$40M / Series C
Jun, 2001$46.91M / Series D
Dec, 2000$73M / Series C
Oct, 2000$20.5M / Series B
Jul, 2000undisclosed amount / Venture
Jun, 2000$10M / Series A
May, 2000$50M / Series C
Apr, 2000$36M / Venture
Mar, 2000$50M / Series C
Feb, 2000undisclosed amount / Venture
Jan, 2000$30M / Series C (Lead)
Dec, 1999$35M / Venture
Nov, 1999$57M / Series C
Nov, 1999$31M / Series B
Oct, 1999$8.5M / Series B
Jul, 1999$20M / Series B
Jun, 1999$17M / Series B
May, 1999$20M / Series B

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    1200 Westlake Avenue N

    Suite 1006

    Seattle, Washington 98109

    United States

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