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AskMDx connects doctors with their patients enabling them to answer their patients’ medical questions in between appointments.

AskMDx help doctors to engage their patients, educate them and increase retention and reputation. AskMDx help doctors to consult with other medical experts around the globe. AskMDx help doctors to manage patient appointments.

People searching for answers to their medical questions on Internet can ask their medical questions at AskMDx and get answers from medical doctors. AskMDx help patients seek second opinions; understand lab results and treatment options. AskMDx help users to find medical doctors relevant to their medical questions in their local area that can treat their medical conditions.

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  • Avvo is a legal marketplace, directory, and question and answer forum that connects individuals with lawyers.
  • Doximity is an online professional network for physicians.
  • JustAnswer.com, the largest Q&A website that connects people to real, qualified experts.
  • WebMD provides timely and credible health information and services to consumers and healthcare professionals.
  • Zocdoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience for millions of patients every month.

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