64 Investments in 41 Companies
1 IPO & 16 Acquisitions
Boston, Massachusetts
Funds Raised:
Security, Angel Investment, Venture Capital
Ascent is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage, emerging technology companies.

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Ascent is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage, emerging technology companies.

At Ascent, they don’t jump on the latest trends in general technology. Instead, they remain dedicated to investing in a singular space with enormous market potential -- enterprise IT innovation.

Their singular focus on enterprise IT, combined with their 28 years of experience and over 100 early stage investments, has yielded powerful results that speak to their deep knowledge, expertise, commitments and networks.

Today, enterprise IT is in the midst of tremendous disruption. Between the shift to the cloud, mobility, consumerization of IT, data analytics and entirely new security architectures, both major challenges and tremendous opportunities abound. Over the next decade, the enterprise IT market will be transformed by these disruptive trends, providing lucrative opportunities for innovative early stage companies to emerge, develop new markets, and become the dominant IT companies of the future.

They have a firm-wide commitment to backing companies that have courageous ideas about how technology can transform business and create market-leading companies along the way. Their partners, funds and extensive network are dedicated entirely to supporting companies in the enterprise IT arena, and helping them to be the best they can be.

Ascent invests in early stage companies in the east coast with initial investment ranging from $2 million to $5 million.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Sep, 2016$8.2M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2016$7M / Series A (Lead)
May, 2016$12.9M / Series B (Lead)
Jan, 2016$16M / Series C
Nov, 2015$8M / Series B (Lead)
Oct, 2015$8.5M / Series B (Lead)
Feb, 2015$15M / Series B (Lead)
Jul, 2014$5.06M / Series B
Jun, 2014$33.75M / Series D
Jan, 2014$16.5M / Series C
Nov, 2013undisclosed amount / Venture and
May, 2013$12M / Series B (Lead)
Apr, 2013$4M / Venture
Dec, 2012$7.5M / Series A
Oct, 2012$10.5M / Series B (Lead)
Sep, 2012$4.3M / Series B (Lead)
Apr, 2012$14M / Series B (Lead) and
Mar, 2012$8.7M / Series B (Lead)
Mar, 2012$4.3M / Series A (Lead)
Jan, 2012$17M / Venture
Nov, 2010$17.89M / Series C
Sep, 2010$5.6M / Venture (Lead)
Jun, 2010$2.81M / Venture
May, 2010$2.34M / Venture
Dec, 2009$13M / Venture
Dec, 2009$2M / Debt Financing
Nov, 2009$6M / Series A
Feb, 2009$12M / Series C
Jan, 2009$3M / Venture (Lead)
Nov, 2008$5.7M / Venture
Apr, 2008$22M / Series B
Apr, 2008$12.5M / Series A
Jan, 2008$2M / Venture (Lead)
Dec, 2007$1.95M / Series B
Nov, 2007$8M / Series B (Lead)
Nov, 2007$8.1M / Series A (Lead)
Oct, 2007$11M / Series B
Sep, 2007$5M / Series C (Lead)
Jul, 2007$7M / Series C (Lead)
Mar, 2007$5M / Series C (Lead)

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Funds (3)

Aug 15, 2016Ascent Venture Partners VI$71.05M
Jan 13, 2005Ascent Venture Partners IV$140M
Unknown DateAscent Venture Partners V$81.75M

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  • Headquarters

    255 State Street

    5th Floor

    Boston, Massachusetts 02109

    United States

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