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Aleveo is a new approach to open innovation and recruiting, as a social innovation that brings students and companies closer through sharing of ideas, while raising youth employability and providing companies with constructive, creative feedback as innovation support. Aleveo involves students in practical tasks of companies, bringing them closer to the world of work. It creates more opportunities for youth's future, thus promoting self-initiation, innovation and entrepreneurship culture across universities.

On the Aleveo's website, students, but also everyone else, "push" their ideas and projects to companies they think could be of practical use to, by tagging them with some of the tags companies are "listening" on. These ideas can be of any category - design, advertising, marketing, architecture etc. - the very latent knowledge about companies, their offerings and presence. All ideas are pre-approved before going public and reaching companies, preventing spam, thus are visible to everyone for further improvements and building upon. The best ideas are continuously given awards of sponsorships, recognitions, honors, internships and possibly jobs.

As a student-centric service, the simplistic online tool is free for students and companies to use. Companies and small teams can use the tool for soliciting and evaluating internal ideas, receive external ones on defined tags, as well open jobs and internal challenges. Additional plans are available, named "Supporter" and "Sponsor", offering public challenges and official sponsorships respectively. Online payments are still not available, but interested companies may contact the founders for immediate upgrades.

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  • BootB is the World's Best Creative Department, bringing to life innovative ideas for business growth.
  • Get Satisfaction is a community platform that fosters online conversations about a company's products and services.
  • InnovationExchange is an educational institution focus on educators preparation.
  • Kluster is a crowdsourcing platform allowing project administrators to obtain ideas from community members.
  • UserVoice integrates easy-to-use feedback, helpdesk, and knowledge base management tools in one platform to empower customer support.

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