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Aldrige Law Group is a team of expert and highly trained Loan Modification specialists, negotiators, processors, previous conformity officials associated with financing establishments, name professionals, foreclosure/short sale/mortgage defense professionals and experienced lawyers who are committed to providing clients with the best legal services, particularly in loan modification and other property related matters.

Our team was started by a group of property experts such as foreclosure defense professionals, loan modification specialists, accountants, and experienced attorneys. The main purpose of this group is to give assistance to people who are struggling financially, such as in keeping their homes, by helping them achieve the most complete Loan Modification Program.

Our connection with major lenders in the U.S. (such as Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, etc.), our experienced staff, and our founding principles on integrity and professionalism give our clients the guarantee that they are in good and knowledgeable hands. Since we are composed of competent property experts like previous home loan financing conformity officials, we understand what to consider within mortgage paperwork along with the client’s situation.

We assure that we offer our quality services in reasonable prices and if ever we know that there is nothing that we can actually do to help potential clients, we do not take them in. We are sincerely committed to lending a hand to those who are in need and so we will not take advantage of what they are going through.

Due to our credible works, Aldrige Law Group has many recommendations and even positive testimonials from our previous clients. The career backgrounds of our lawyers and professionals also add to our qualification as a competent legal team.

Therefore, if you are facing financial difficulties, such as the burden of home foreclosure or if you are planning to file for bankruptcy, Aldrige Law Group can provide you the right support team.

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