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Airfarewatchdog.com is a discount airfare compiler that uses live agents instead of automated web crawlers to find the best airfare deals.
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Airfarewatchdog.com is a discount airfare compiler that uses live agents (as opposed to automated web crawlers) to find the best deals. The company offers access to discounts from carriers such as Southwest Airlines that other competitors do not, and gives users access to deals that carriers only allow to be posted on their own sites. Airfarewatchdog.com does not offer booking services, but does offer links to such services. The company makes money primarily by selling advertising and through sponsorships from booking sites.

George Hobica, a travel expert who had previously run a series of blogs dedicated to finding the best deals for flyers, founded Airfarewatchdog.com. He believed that people could often find better deals on flights than computer algorithms. Airfarewatchdog.com’s analysts have a background in travel and discount trolling. The company received a fair amount of coverage early on for finding “fat finger fares”, which become available as a result of typos and other mistakes by carriers.

Airfarewatchdog.com has evolved from a blog to a more robust interface with multiple features. There is a deal of the day, a list of the 50 best deals, and a blog offering insight into the world of discount flying. The company also offers users a newsletter product, Free Airfare Alerts, which emails deals for user-selected arrival cities, departure cities, or both. It also offers website publishers a fares widget to embed in their site with information from airfarewatchdog.com concerning discount flights to or from a particular area.

Airfarewatchdog.com operates independently. It is a part of TripAdvisor Network, which is part of the Expedia Network, which is in turn owned by IAC.

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  • The Airfarewatchdog Fares widget is targeted at online publishers that want to give users access to Airfarwatchdog.com information without
  • Airfarewatchdog Free Airfare Alerts is a free customizable newsletter that alerts user to fares for routes they are interested in.

Competitors (7)

  • CheapAir.com actually been saving people money on travel since 1989 – long before the internet was even a gleam in Al Gore's eye.
  • Farecast is an online service that provides users with intelligent airfare predictions.
  • FareCompare.com is an airline ticket comparison shopping website.
  • KAYAK is a travel search engine, indexing hundreds of global travel sites to help users find the right flight, hotel, rental car, or more.
  • Mobissimo is a travel search engine that allows users to compare prices of airline tickets, hotel bookings, travel deals, and rental cars.
  • Orbitz Worldwide is an online travel company, using technology to transform the way consumers around the world plan and purchase travel.
  • Yapta is a travel website and browser add-on for tracking and booking flight tickets, and receiving airline refunds.

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    310 W 52nd Street

    New York, NY 10019


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