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Total Equity Funding
$168k in 2 Rounds from 1 Investor
Cambridge, Massachusetts
AccelGolf was a golf analytics and improvement platform that enabled users to aggregate and analyze real-time performance data.
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Sports, Finance, Apps, Mobile

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AccelGolf helps users with their stroke tracking, range-finding, and personalized improvement of their golf games. The company showed off their BlackBerry and iPhone applications and explained that the heart of their system is really the community of avid golfers who are now connecting and building their own social network. AccelGolf offers personalized improvement tips by analyzing strokes of golfers who are just slightly better than you, and presenting areas for improvement based on your past performance.

AccelGolf suggests which club to use, and where to place the shot, based on your past performance on a specific course. In one example the company showed the iPhone application calculating odds based on past performance for landing a risky shot over a sand trap on a dog leg left. AccelGolf already has 70% of all golf courses loaded in their system. They use the GPS on your phone to determine your position and calculate distance to the pin.

Funding Rounds (7) - $452.28k

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Dec, 2009$150k / Venture0
Sep, 2009$18k / Seed1
Sep, 2009$235k / Debt Financing1
Apr, 2008$10k / Grant1
Jan, 2008undisclosed amount / Grant1
Jan, 2008$24k / Grant1
Jan, 2008$15k / Grant1

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Competitors (4)

  • GolfTraxx integrates Voice, Global Positioning, Calculus, Database, and FUN technologies enabling your SmartPhone to be a Golf GPS Range
  • GreenFinder Golf GPS is an innovative product developed by Itinerant Software.
  • oobgolf offers a website that enables its users to find golf courses and equipment, and provides online tools to track their performances.
  • Skygolf is a developer of mobile GPS tracking for golf courses.

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  • Headquarters

    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

    United States

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