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Nov 13, 2014Bloomberg - Solyndra Program Vilified by Republicans Turns a Profit
May 6, 2014Re/code - Caltech Raises Millions to Tackle the "Most Fundamental Issue Facing Mankind"
Jul 12, 2013Xconomy - New Incentive Deal with Chinese City Brightens Ascent Solar’s Future
Mar 20, 2013Gigaom - A Chinese solar giant goes bankrupt, and why that’s a good thing
Jan 21, 2013Wired News - A hundred years ago would have been a really good time to deal with climate change, Mr President
Nov 7, 2012Gigaom - Final answer: U.S. hits Chinese solar makers with tariffs
Oct 16, 2012Gigaom - A startup aims to crank up solar power with efficient materials
Jun 28, 2012Gigaom - DOE-backed Abound Solar to shut down
Mar 1, 2012CNet - DOE-backed Abound Solar cuts factory line - CNET
Feb 29, 2012Gigaom - Abound Solar suspends production, lays off 180
Dec 7, 2011Gigaom - MiaSole ships solar to India, looks for white knight
Nov 1, 2011CNet - Green tech still withering in the 'Valley of Death'
Oct 18, 2011Gigaom - Solar industry sounds battle cry
Aug 31, 2011Gigaom - The story behind Solyndra’s rise and fall
Apr 28, 2011Gigaom - French Oil Giant to Buy Majority Stake of SunPower for $1.38B
Apr 7, 2011CNet - GE to build massive thin-film U.S. solar plant - CNET
Feb 22, 2011Gigaom - 7 Fear Factors That Move Solar Stocks
Feb 18, 2011CNet - SoloPower lands loan guarantee for solar plant - CNET
Feb 17, 2011Gigaom - DOE Loan Guarantees for Solar Keep Comin’, Now SoloPower
Feb 7, 2011ZD Net - Solar leads U.S.-specific 2010 VC money grab