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ATA Ventures Portfolio Companies



ATA Ventures Portfolio Companies
Parent Organization 
ATA Ventures
Number of Organizations 45CB Rank (Hub) 28,610
Number of Founders 55Average Founded Date Apr 19, 2004Percentage Acquired 44%Percentage of Public Organizations 4%Number of For-Profit Companies 26Top Funding Types Venture - Series UnknownSeries ADebt FinancingSeries BSeries C

ATA Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies which appear to offer above average prospects

This list of organizations invested in by ATA Ventures provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. Insights about top trending companies, startups, investments and M&A activities, notable investors of these companies, their management team, and recent news are also included.

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Number of Organizations 45
Average Rank 154,874.09

Popular startups, companies & organizations by highest 30-day trend score:

Organization Name  
Total Funding Amount  
CB Rank (Organization)  
Trend Score (30 Days)  
TeleCIS Wireless
Rivulet Communications
Orbit Media

Recent Activities

Number of Funding Rounds 203
Total Funding Amount $3.4B
Announced Date  
Organization Name  
Transaction Name  
Money Raised  
Jul 31, 2019
Sikka Software
Series D - Sikka Software
Feb 11, 2019
Private Equity Round - Jobvite
Oct 15, 2018
Sikka Software
Convertible Note - Sikka Software
Dec 23, 2017
Debt Financing - Theranos
May 25, 2017
Secondary Market - Theranos


Number of Funding Rounds 203
Total Funding Amount $3.4B
Announced Date  
Transaction Name  
Number of Investors  
Money Raised  
Dec 15, 2006
Series A - FastScale Technologies Inc
Jul 29, 2011
Series C - Adesto Technologies
Jul 31, 2019
Series D - Sikka Software
Oct 16, 2012
Venture Round - Adesto Technologies
Jul 23, 2012
Venture Round - Argyle Data

Investors that Invested in Companies in This Hub

Number of Lead Investors 88
Number of Investors 284


Announced Date  
Investor Name  
Funding Round  
Money Raised  
Mar 20, 2012
Shayan Zadeh
Seed Round - PaperKarma
Mar 20, 2012
Alex Mehr
Seed Round - PaperKarma



Number of People 124
Full Name  
Primary Organization  
Primary Job Title  
CB Rank (Person)  
Alex Mehr
Board Member15,326
Shayan Zadeh
Board of Directors24,097
John Corpus
Co-Founder & CEO30,888
Vijay Sikka
Sikka Software
Founder & CEO31,042
Tuvia Barlev
Actelis Networks
Co-Founder, President and CEO41,183


Number of IPOs 2
Total Amount Raised in IPO $82.5M
Median Amount Raised in IPO $82.5MTotal IPO Valuation $339.2MMedian IPO Valuation $169.6MAverage IPO Date Jun 15, 2013

Recent News & Activity

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