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Tagged with “Venture-Capital”

Companies (293)

5th Avenue Acquisitions & Venture Capitalists
8P Capital
AVentures Capital
Accelerated Ventures
Accelerator Academy
All Casting Social Network
Amir Holdings
Angel Capital Group
Application Experts
Archetype Partners
Archib Venture Advisers
Artesian Capital Management
AskIvy Ltd
Astor Capital
BayPoint Benefits
Beamonte Investments
Business Plans Hawaii
C.A. Jones Management Group
Canton Hermidas
Catenary Partners
Cayenne Consulting
China Renaissance
Collective Spark
Corestar Partners
Crossbow Capital Partners Ltd
DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship
DK New Media
Darwin Technology Ventures
Dekarta Capital
Delphi Search & Consulting
Digital Business Partners
Digital Magics
Disruption Corp
Drago 7
Du Molin & Du Molin
Emerging Enterprise Center at Foley Hoag
Emscot Ventures
Enterprise Den
Equity LLP
Evolved Capital
Executive Employers
Executive Intermediary
Extreme Startups
Eye Got You Covered
FCP Innovacion SP
FX International Markets
Fashion Fund
First Growth Venture Network
Flint Management
Foley Hoag LLP
Format By AB
Founders Workbench
FremantleMedia Ventures
Fundacity, Inc
GWB Capital
Gaia Human Capital Consultants
Gemini Israel Ventures
Genius Ventures
German Seed Fund
Granatus Ventures
GreenBank Capital
Growth Venture Partners
H-FARM Ventures
HND Global
Hamsa Venture Management
Hatchd Digital
INOVIS Capital
Idea Shepherd
Imagine H2O
Inckling Holdings
Indigo Funding
Ingk Labs
Inovisi Infracom
Intermutual Group
Investor Avenue
JM Search
Jeff Christian and Co
Just Kite It
KG Investments
Kapitali$t Magazine
Kasan Ventures
Lighter Capital
Lighthouse Equity Partners
Liquid Scenarios
Los Angeles Syndicate of Technology
MBB Projects
MBB Prom d.o.o.
MINE, Inc. and MINE Innovation Engineering GmbH
MNG International Investments
Make Millions Together
Maxxpoint Corp
Metropolitan Equity Partners
MoTek Technologies
Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton
Mud Mtn Ventures
My New Startup
MyCloud Holdings
New York Digital Health Accelerator
Nordic Venture Family
Nyca Partners
OTG Partners
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Outlier Venture Partners
PDV Inter-Media Venture
Papillon Capital
Partner Ventures
PitchBook Data
Platinum Icon Capital
Prevail Ventures
Private Capital Alliance
Private Equity Headhunters
Pulsar Venture
PwC's Accelerator
Quorumm Digital Venture Partners
RAKOO Venture Capital Partners
Relationship Science
Return on Change
Revolution LLC
Right Click Capital
Right-Hand Partners
Riviera Partners
Road to Value
SBV Solutions - Strategic Business Velocity
SIP (Strategic Investment Partners Ltd.)
Safire Partners
Saliba Ventures
Second & Fourth
Shortcut Ventures GmbH
Sierra Maya Ventures
Slingshot Accelerator
Smart Energy News
So.Tech Leaders
Somerco Research
Southport Partners
Spartan Holdings Corporation
Sprowtt Marketplace
Squadron Venture Media
Stand Offer
Stonehawk Investment Group
Stratacution Ventures
Sutton Willis & More
Swamp Fox
TCR Innovations
Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners
Tappr Ventures
Tetuan Valley
The Broadsmoore Group
The Crowd Funds
The Deal League
The Factory ✭
The JASM agency
The Propagator
Third Man Labs
Touch Ahead Software
Trusted Insight
UFOstart AG
US Market Access Center (US MAC)
Unstructured Ventures
VC Cafe
VC Experts
Valid Evaluation
Venista Ventures
Venture Campus VC
Venture Market Intelligence
VentureOne Startups
Villani Advisors
Virgin USA
Waldorf & Statler Ventures
Wealth Management Experts Ltd
Wealth Me
Weathergage Capital
Webtradex International Corporation
Willard John Thomas Associates
Yang Ventures
Yushan Ventures
Zephyr Management
Zerimar Ventures
Zooz Mobile Ltd.
eCubed Ventures
reSeed Ventures
red5 Capital

Products (2)

Financial Organizations (1427)

10X Fund LP
18 Capital
20/20 HealthCare Partners
2020 Ventures
212 Capital Partners
2M BioTech partners
335 Ventures
3V SourceOne Ventures
3x5 Special Opportunity Fund
5280 Partners
747 Capital
9th Street Investments
A.M.E. Ventures
AB Traction
AIMS Management S.A.
ANU Connect Ventures
AOL Ventures
AXE Investments N.V.
AbbVie Biotech Ventures
Abundance Venture Capital
Abundant Ventures LLC
Acacia Venture Partners
Academy Capital Investments
Accel Partners
Accelerator Corp.
Access Capital
Access Venture Partners
Acorn Capital Partners
Acta Wireless
Adara Venture Partners
Advantage Capital Partners
Aggie Angel Network
Agile Equities
Agility Capital
Aglaia BioMedical Ventures
Agribusiness Investment & Consultation
Akers Capital
Alafi Capital
Alara Capital
Alaska Venture Partners
Alchemy Partners
Alerion Capital Group
Alexander Hutton Venture Partners
Alexandria Equities
Alice Ventures
Allele Fund
Allied Minds
Alpha Associés Conseil
Alpha Venture Partners
Alpha Ventures
Alta Ventures Mexico
Altos Ventures
Altria Ventures
AmBex Venture Group
Ambient Capital
Ambient Sound Investments
America Funding Lending
Amicus Capital
Amiro Capital
Ampezzo Capital
Amphion Innovations
Amplico Kapital AB
Amymone AB
Angel CoFund
Angel Ventures Mexico
Angels on the Water
Annapurna Ventures
Antea Participaties
Aperture Venture Partners
Apex One Equity
Applied Ventures
Aquacopia Venture Partners
Arb Ventures
Archangel Venture Capital
Archimedes Capital
Archtop Ventures
Arctaris Capital Partners
Arcus Ventures
Argosy Partners
Ariadne Capital
Ariva Partners
Armada Investment Group
Arnerich Massena & Associates
Artists and Instigators
Arts Alliance Advisors
Asia Media & Technology Capital Management
Aspiration Capital
Astellas Venture Management
Astra Partners Sdn Bhd
Athyrium Capital Management
Atinum Investment
Atlas Peak Capital
Audubon Capital
Augment Ventures
Augmentum Capital
August Capital Partners
Aura Capital Oy
Aurum Ventures
Aurum Ventures MKI
Austin Ventures
Australian Association of Angel Investors
Austria Wirtschaftsservice
AutoTech Ventures
Auxano Funding
Avenir Finance
Aventic Partners AG
Avlar BioVentures
Avogadro Partners
AxVentures-Pymar Fund
Axia Ventures
Axiomlab Group
Axon Partners Group
Azione Capital Pte Ltd
B4 Ventures
BASF Venture Capital
BBI Capital
BCM Technologies (BCMT)
BF Capital
BLS Venture Capital GmbH
BOLDstart Ventures
BP Marsh & Partners
BR Opportunities
BR Ventures
BTG Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hamburg mbH
Backstage AB
Bahana Artha Ventura, PT
Baird Capital
Banexi Ventures
Banyan Ventures
Baroda Ventures
BaseCamp Ventures
Basset Investment Group
Bawden Capital
Bay Colony Capital
Beechwood Capital
Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company
Beijing High Technology Venture Capital
Belfonti Capital Partners
Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund
Ben Oldman Partners
Benex Investment
Benhamou Global Ventures
Berk Partners
Berkeley International Capital Corporation
Beta Capital
Biggeorge’s-NV EQUITY
Bilfinger Venture Capital
Bio-sight Capital
BioAgency AG
BioGeneration Ventures
BioStar Ventures
BioVeda Capital
BioVeda China Fund
Biobank Technology Ventures
Birnberg Group
Bloom Equity
Bloomsbury Bioseed Fund
Blue Equity
Blue Horizon Equity
Blue Ocean Ventures
Blue Water Capital
Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund
Boldcap Ventures
BonAngels Venture Partners
Boston Community Venture Fund
Boston Financial & Equity Corporation
Boxwood Partners
Bradmer Foods
BrainHeart Capital AB
BrainStorm Ventures
Brand Ventures
Braveheart Investment Group
Breakaway Ventures
Bregal Investments
Bremer Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
BridgeLane Capital
Bridgepoint Investment Partners
Bridges Capital Partners
Bridgeway Capital
Bristol Investment Group
Brochstein Ventures
Broken Arrow Venture Capital
Brown Brothers Harriman
Buena Venture Associates
Bulgarian Business Angels Network
Bullpen Ventures
Buran Venture Capital
Business Angel Seedfund Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.
Butler Capital Partners
C Change Investments
C.M. Capital Corporation
C5 Capital
CAP Ventures
CG Innovation Partners
CGS Management AG
CID Group
CKD Venture Capital Corporation
CMHJ Partners
CMS Companies
CNF Investments
CRP Companhia de Participações
CTI Capital
CTI Life Sciences Fund
CVC Limited
CVC Sustainable Investments
CVF Technologies Corporation
Cache Capital (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Cadent Energy Partners
Caixa Capital
Calculus Capital
Caldera Investment Group
California Capital Partners
Cambridge Capital Management Corp.
Cambridge West Ventures
CambridgeLight Partners
Camelot Venture Group
Canaan Partners
Canal Partners
Canbank Venture Capital Fund
Canton Venture Capital
CapHorn Invest
Capital Community Angels Investors
Capital Group
Capital Partners Group
Capital-E Partners
Carl Marks
Carmel Ventures
Carrot Capital Healthcare Ventures
Carthage Capital Group
Castletop Capital
Cayuga Venture Fund
CenterPoint Venture Partners
Central Texas Angel Network
Centrecourt AB
Centurion Holdings
Cephas Capital
Chart Venture Partners
Chartwell Investments
Chasm Innovations
Chazen Capital Partners
Chemical Angel Network
Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities Club
Chicago Venture Partners
China First Capital, Ltd
China Merchants Technology Holdings
China Science & Merchants Venture Capital Management
Chronic Health Capital
Chrysalis VCT Management
Cimarron Capital Partners
Citizen Capital
Claritas Capital
Classic Capital Corporation
CleanTech Partners
Clearwell Group
Clipperton Finance
Cloud Capital Partners
Coastview Capital
Collina Ventures
Coloma Ventures
Colony Capital INC
Commons Capital
Communications Equity Associates
Comway Capital
Concord Venture Capital Group
Conexus Financial Partners
Connect Ventures
Connemara Capital Company
Consigliere Brand Capital, LLC
Consor Capital
Coolidge Corner Investment
Cordiant Capital
Core Capital
Cornell Venture Capital
Cornerstone Angels
CornerstoneCapital Verwaltungs AG
Council & Enhanced Tennessee Fund
Council Capital
Council Ventures
Covington Capital
Cowtown Angels
Crawford Capital Corporation (CCC)
Creafund C.V.B.A.
Creathor Venture Management
Creative Capital Fund
Credo Ventures
Crescent Capital Partners
Cressey & Company
Crispian Venture Capital
Cross Atlantic Partners
CrossBridge Venture Partners
CrossTech Ventures
CrossTechnology Venture Partners
Crossbar Capital
Crosslink Capital
Cryptonaut Ventures
Cube Venture Partners
Cubit Investments
Cue Ball
Cure Kids Ventures
Custer Capital
DBH Investment
DEFI Gestion
DEFTA Partners
DFJ Compass
DFJ Growth
DGF Investimentos
DIH Deutsche Industrie-Holding GmbH
DMC Capital Funding
DN Capital
DTA Capital Partners Sdn. Bhd.
Dakota Venture Group
Danhua Capital
Danville Partners
Darwin Management
Data Collective
Dauphin Capital Partners
Davenport Resources
Davis,Tuttle Venture Partners
Daylight Ventures
DeWaay Capital Management
Deciens Capital
Delavaco Capital
Delaware Crossing Investor Group
Delaware Innovation Fund
DeltaPoint Capital Management
Demas Capital Partners
Den Sociale Kapitalfond Management
Derbyshire First Investments
Detroit Venture Partners
Deutsche Venture Capital
Devers Group
Devon Park BioVentures
DiBernardo Capital
Digital Education
Digital News Ventures
Digital Science
Dillon Joyce
Direct Capital Private Equity
Divergent Capital Partners
Dominion Investment Group
Dominion Ventures
Dot Edu Ventures
Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ)
Draper International
Draper Nexus Ventures
DreamIt Ventures
DuPont Capital Management
DuPont Ventures
Duet Partners Ltd
Dumont Venture
Dutch Greentech Fund BV
Dynafund Ventures
E&Networks Venture Investment
E-CAPITAL Equity Management
E-nicial Ventures
EC1 Capital Ltd
ECOS Beteiligungsmanagement GmbH
EDCO Ventures
EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG
EMAR Publishers
EMP Global
EPS Value Plus
ERGO Capital Partners
ESang Technology Investment
East Midlands Early Growth Fund
East Ventures
Eastern Bell Venture Capital
Eastven Venture Partners
Eclypse Investment Group (EIG)
EcoElectron Ventures
Ecomobilité Ventures
Ecosystem Ventures
Eden Ventures
Edmond de Rothschild Venture Capital
Elcano Capital
Electranova Capital
Elevation Partners
Emerald Stage2 Ventures
Emergence Capital Partners
Emergent Technologies
Emerging Capital Partners (ECP)
Emerging Growth Equity Partners, LLC
Emerging Technology Partners
Empire Ventures
Encinal Capital Group
Encore Consumer Capital
Endeavour Capital Limited
Endeavour Ventures
Endurance Ventures
Energi Invest Fyn A/S
Energy & Environment Investment
Engelhardt Unternehmensbeteiligungen GmbH
Enhanced Capital Partners
Enterprise Equity Fund Management (NI)
Enterprise Equity Limited
Enterprise Institute
Enterprise Investors
Entrepia Ventures
Entrepreneurial Development Center
Entrepreneurs Fund
Envest Ventures
Epic BioVentures
Epiphany Health Ventures
Episode 1
Equity Partners Management Pty
Equity Ventures
Espí­rito Santo Ventures
Essex Capital Corporation
Essex Woodlands Health Ventures
Eventi Capital Partners
Evolution Venture Capital Fund LP.
Evonik Corporate Venturing
Excalibur Fund Managers
Excell Partners
Extream Ventures
Extreme Venture Partners
Écart Invest
FA Technology Ventures
Facilitator Capital Fund
Fairchild Capital Management
Fairfax Partners
Fairhaven Capital Partners
Falcon Fund
FarSight Ventures
Fenox Venture Capital
Fermion Capital
Fidenergy Ventures
Fifth Street Finance Corporation
Firehouse Capital
First Analysis
First Fifty Fund
First Run Angel Group
First United Venture Capital Corporation
FirstFloor Capital Sdn. Bhd.
FirstGen Capital
FirstMark Capital
Fischer Investment Capital (FIC)
Fjord Ventures
Flavin Ventures
Florida Technology Partners
Flybridge Capital Partners
Flywheel Ventures
Fontinalis Partners
Foothills Angels
Fore C Investment
Formation 8
Formational Ventures
Formosa Micro Ventures
Formula VC
Forte Ventures
Foundation Equity Corp
Fountain Healthcare Partners
Fountain Partners
Fountainhead Venture Group Management
Four Hats Capital
Förvaltnings AB Metallica
Franklin Street Partners
Frantz Medical Ventures
Fraunhofer Venture
FreshTracks Capital
Freudenberg Venture Capital GmbH
Freyr Capital Partners
FriendFinder Ventures
Friulia SGR
Frontenac Company
Fronterra Ventures
Frontline BioVentures
Frontline Strategy
Frontline Ventures
Funai Capital Corporation
Fung Capital USA
Future Capital AG
Future Capital Development Fund
Future Venture Capital
GE Energy Financial Services
GENES GmbH Venture Services
GFH Capital
GGM Capital
GLD Invest AB
GLOTEC Ventures GmbH
GMC Capital Partners
GMG Capital Partners
GMT Communications Partners
GP BullHound
GSR Ventures
Gaebler Ventures
GameStop Digital Ventures
Garber Venture Capital Fund
Garland Capital Group
Gasser + Partner GmbH
Gefinor Capital
General Motors Ventures
Generation Equity Investors
Genesis Campus
Genesys Capital
Genovation Capital
Georgetown Angels
Georgia Venture Partners
Gera Venture
Gerens Capital
Gilde Buy Out Partners
Gilde Healthcare Partners
Gilde IT Fund
Glacier Venture Fund
Global Brain Corporation
Global Catalyst Partners
Global Equities Corporate Finance
Global Venture Capital
Glynn Capital Management
Going Capital Riesgo
Golden Gate Ventures
Golden Horn Ventures
Golden Opportunities Fund
Goldis Bhd.
Gothia Innovation AB
Grace Venture Partner
Grand Central Holdings
GrandBanks Capital
Grassroots Capital Management
Gravity Ventures
Grazia Equity
Great Circle Capital
Great Point Partners
Green Park & Golf Ventures
Green Technology Investment
GreenHills Ventures
Greencoat Partners
Greenpoint Ventures
Greensphere Capital
Greenspring Associates
Greylock Partners
Groenkracht cvba
Groundwork Equity
Grow Utah
GrowthWorks Capital
Gryphon Management Company
Guangdong Technology Venture Capital
Guida Invest Oy
Gunderson Dettmer
H&Q Asia Pacific
H. Katz Capital Group
H360 Capital
HBM Healthcare Investments AG
HDL Capital Corporation
HGU Hamburger Unternehmensbeteiligungs Aktiengesellschaft
HIKARI Private Equity
HMS Hawaii Management
HO2 Partners
HP Growth Partners
Haddington Ventures
Hale BioPharma Ventures
Halifax Group
Halpern, Denny & Co.
Hannover Finanz GmbH
Hanwha Investment Corp
Harbor Light Capital Partners
Harbor Pacific Capital
Harmony Partners
Harrison Metal
Hasso Plattner Ventures
Hatteras Funds
Hatteras Venture Partners
Hawaii Technology Development Venture (HTDV)
Haywood Dorland Energy Capital
Heartland Capital Markets, LLC
Hercules Finance
Hercules Technology Growth Capital
Hickory Ridge Capital
Hickory Venture Group
High Bar Capital
High Peaks Venture Partners
Highbridge Principal Strategies Growth Equity
Highgrowth Partners
Hillcrest Venture Partners
Honda Research Institute
Honey Tree Holdings
Hony Capital
Horizon Equity Partners
Horizonte Venture Management GmbH
Hotung Venture Group
Howzat Partners
Hudson Bay Capital Management
Hull Venture Partners
Humana Ventures
Hunt Energy Enterprises
Huntington Ventures
Hunza Ventures
Hurray Trust
Hyde Park Angels
Hyde Park Capital
Hyundai Venture Investment Corporation
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
IBIS Capital
IBT Management Corporation
IClub Ventures
IDG Ventures USA
IDP Industrial Development Partners
IFCI Venture Capital Funds
IFG Capital Ltd.
IG Expansion
IHG Capital
IKEA GreenTech AB
IMS Ventures
INC3 Ventures
INNOVA Commercialization Group
IPR Venture Capital
IQ Capital Partners
IQ Partners
ISigma Capital Corporation
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America
IXO Private Equity
Ichiryu Associates
Ignite Japan
Ignition Capital
Illinois Partners
Illuminate Ventures
Implement Capital
InCube Ventures
InLab Ventures
Incentive Incubator
Inclusive Ventures
Incubic Venture Fund
Incyte Ventures Partners, LLC
Indian Direct Equity Advisors
Industri Udvikling A/S
Industrial Technology Investment Corporation
Infinity Capital Group, Inc.
Infinity Venture Partners
Ingenious Media
Innopolis Partners
Innova Capital
Innovation Capital Advisors
Innovation Endeavors
Innovation Investment Fund
Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
Innovation Works (China)
Innovations Kapital
Innovativ Capital
Innovative Ventures
Innoventus Project
Inseed Investimentos
Insero Horsens
Insight Technology Capital Partners
Inspired Evolution Investment Management
Institutional Venture Partners
Intakt Ventures
Inter-Asia Venture Management
Intermediate Capital Group
International Business Chamber
Intrepid Business Acceleration Fund
Intrepid Capital Partners
InveStar Capital
InvestAmerican Investment Advisors
Iowa Lakes Corridor
Iron Capital
Iron Gate Capital
Iroquois Capital
Isabella Capital
Israel Cleantech Ventures
Israel Seed Partners
Ivy Capital Partners
JAFCO Co., Ltd
JAIC Asia Capital
JT Venture Partners
Jarvinian Ventures
Javelin Ventures
Jefferies Capital Partners
Jefferson Capital Partners
Johnson Magrath & Partners, LLP
Johnston Associates
Jungle Ventures
Juvo Capital
K - New Media GmbH & Co. KG
KLM Capital Group
Karlin Ventures
Kearny Venture Partners
Keiretsu Forum
Kennet Partners
Kensel & Co.
Kerten Private Equity
Kestrel Associates
Kestrel Capital Pty Ltd
Key Venture Partners
Kibo Ventures
Kickstart Seed Fund
Kii Capital
Kinderhook Partners
Kingdom Venture Partners
Kinrot Ventures
Klifer Capital
Knowledge & Creation Ventures
Konza Valley Capital
Korona Invest
Kumpulan Modal Perdana
Kyushu Venture Partners
L&S Venture Capital
LABACA Venture Capital
LB Investment
Labrador Ventures
Lachman Goldman Ventures
Lancet Capital
Lanta Digital Ventures
Larta Institute
Latitude Investments
Leader Ventures
Leading Biosciences
Leading Investment & Securities Co.
Leaf Clean Energy
Lee Munder Capital Group
Lemhi Ventures
Lerer Ventures
Lesmoir-Gordon, Boyle & Co.
Libertas Capital
Lighthouse Capital Partners
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Lilly Asia Ventures
Limestone Capital Advisors
Lion Selection Group
Liquid Capital Management Group
LiveOak Venture Partners
London Venture Partners
Lone Peak Capital
Longwall Venture Partners
Lough Shore Investments
Lovett Miller & Co.
Ludlow Ventures
Lumira Capital
M-Venture Investment
M/C Partners
M10 GmbH
MB Funds
MB Growth Partners
MBF Capital Corporation
MBL Venture Capital
MCI Management SA
MDI Partners
MHS Capital
MKB & Technofonds Flevoland
MS Ventures
MTECH Ventures
MU Hands-on Capital
MVP Capital (MVPC)
MacBeedon Partners
Macmillan New Ventures
Magnolia Capital
Main Line Equity Partners
Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad
Maniv Energy Capital
Mannerheim Invest
Mantella Venture Partners
Marathon Investments
Marche Capital
Marco Capital Group
Marin Venture Capital
Mark Ventures
Markpoint Venture Partners
Marquette Venture Partners
Mass Medical Angels
Matilda Media Group
Maton Ventures
Matrix Executive
Maturo Kapital
Maxima Capital Management
Maxis Capital
Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund
Mayo Medical Ventures
Mayport Venture Partners
MedCare Investment Funds
MedFocus Fund
MediGen Group
Mediphase Venture Partners
Mellion Capital
Memphis Bioworks Foundation
Mercato Partners
Meridian Management Group
Meridian Venture Partners
Merrick Ventures
Metamorphic Ventures
Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF)
Metropolitan Venture Partners
Meytag High-Tech Ventures
Mianach Venture Capital
Michigan 21st Century Investment Fund
Michigan Accelerator Fund I
Michigan Venture Capital
Mid Atlantic Fund
Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds
Midwest Venture Partners
Milestone Growth Fund
Millennium Ventures Group
Miller Gold
Miller Group
Mimosa Tree Capital Partners
Mission Bay Capital
Mobility Ventures
Mobius Venture Capital
Mofet Technology Fund
Moksa Ventures
Momentum Capital
Momentum Investment Group
Monitor Clipper Funds
Monitor Ventures
Montlake Capital
Monumental Venture Partners
Moorfield Group
Moshir Venture Partners
Motorskill Venture Group
Mount Royal Ventures
Mountaineer Capital
Muhan Investment
Myeloma Angels
Myventure Partners
NBGI Ventures
NEL Fund Managers
NMT Capital
NXT Capital
Nashville Capital Network, Investment Arm
National Angel Capital Organization
Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF)
Nazem and Company
Ncubate Capital Partners
Near East Group
Nedermaas Hightech Ventures
Neo Technology Ventures
Neomed Management
Net Effect Technologies
Netval Management
Network Capital Management
Neu Venture Capital
New Africa Mining Fund
New Asia Investments
New Atlantic Ventures
New Biology Ventures
New Cycle Capital
New Frontier Partners
New Horizons Venture Capital
New Magellan Ventures
New Markets Venture Partners
New River Capital Partners
New River Management
New Value
New Venture Development
New Venture Partners
New Venturetec
New York City Investment Fund
Newstone Capital Partners
Next Venture Partners
NextLevel Venture Partners
NextStage LLC
Nextech Invest
Neyer Holdings Corporation
Niagara Region Ventures Fund
Nicollet Capital Partners (NCP)
Nippon Mirai Capital
North East Technology Fund
North Innovation Fund
North Iowa Venture Capital Fund
Northern Light Venture Capital
Northwater Capital
Northwood Ventures
Norwest Venture Partners
Nouveau Capital
Novaquest Capital Management
Noventi Ventures
Novitas Capital
Noweco Partners
OCAS Ventures
ORIX Ventures
Ocean Road Partners
Octane Venture Partners
Odeon Capital Partners
Oita Venture Capital
Ojai Goliad
Oklahoma Equity Partners
Omega Funds
Onondaga Venture Capital Fund
Opdrage Venture Partners
Open Ocean
OpenView Venture Partners
Opera Research
Opticality Ventures
Oracle Capital Partners
Orkos Capital
Oxford Capital Partners
Oxygen Ventures
PEI Funds
PLUS Ventures (India)
PNC Erieview Capital
PRICAP Venture Partners
PROfounders Capital
PT Capital
Pacific Onset Capital
Pacific Venture Group
PagesJaunes Groupe
Palo Alto Investors
Palo Alto Venture Partners
Palo Alto Venture Science
Panasonic Venture Group
Paradigm Group
Paragon Private Equity
Parta Group
Partners for Development investments in Life Sciences
Partners for Growth
Paul Capital
Peer Venture Partners
Pejman Mar Ventures
PenderFund Capital Management
Pennell Venture Partners
Penny Black
Pentech Ventures
Pereg Ventures
Performa Investimentos
Persimmon Tree Capital
Phase One Ventures
Pi Capital Group
Pillar Capital Management
Pilot Group
Pine Street Capital Partners
Pinnacle Capital
Pinto America Growth Fund
Plantagenet Capital
Plenary Partners
Pléiade Venture
Point Financial, Inc.
Point Judith Capital
Polaris Partners
Polestar Capital Partners
Portas Ventures
Positive Enterprises
Potomac Energy Fund
PowerOne Capital Markets Limited
Powerworld Capital Management
Practica Capital
Prairie Oak Capital
Prescient Venture Capital
Preserve Capital Group
Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners
Princeton Ventures
Progress Partners
Progress Ventures
Promus Ventures
Propel Partners
Propulsion Ventures
Prostor Capital
Proto Investment Partners
Provident Healthcare Ventures
Psilos Group
PureTech Ventures
Purple Mountain Ventures
Q Capital Partners
QMA Capital
QiFund NV
Quabbin Capital
Quadriplay Venture
Qualcomm Ventures
Quantum Capital Fund
Quest Venture Partners
Quilvest Private Equity
Quotidian Ventures
RMB Capital Partners
RP Ventures
Rainfall Capital
Rand Capital
Raptor Ventures
Rebright Partners
Red Planet Capital Partners
Red Rock Ventures
Redclays Capital
Redstone Digital GmbH
Rein Capital
Renaissance Partners
RenewableTech Ventures
Resinco Capital Partners
Resona Capital
Resonant Venture Partners
Retail & Restaurant Growth Capital
Revolution Capital Partners
Rex Strategic Innovations
Rhône Alpes Création
Ripplewood Holdings
River Hill Capital
Riverland Capital
Riyadh Valley Company
Roberts Mitani
Robinson and Engler
Rock Gate Partners
Rock Spring Ventures
Rockhill Partners
Rockies Venture Club
Rose Park Advisors
Rosetta Capital
Round13 Capital
Route 2 Digital
Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners
S-Kap Unternehmensbeteiligungs
SAGA Unitek Ventures
SAIF Partners
SAS Investors
SC Greentech Ventures
SCI Ventures
SDL Ventures
SE Capital
SEAF Blue Waters Growth Fund
SEB Venture Capital
SGI Venture Capital
SIF Transilvania
SIP Financial Group
SJF Ventures
SL Investment
SLU Holding
SSM Partners
SVP Cleveland
Sachs Capital
Saffron Hill Ventures
Sail Capital Partners
Saint Paul Capital Fund
Salt Creek Medical Device Development
Samsung Ventures
Samurai Web Ventures
Sands Brothers Asset Management
Santa Barbara Technology Group
Sapient Capital Management
Sapient Capital Partners
Sarofim Fayez and Co.
Sawari Ventures
Scale Venture Partners
Science Center
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TRN Capital
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TVM Capital
TaiAn Technologies
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Tandem Expansion
Tank Stream Ventures
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Taraval Associates
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Teak Capital
TechnoPlus Ventures
Technoprom Innovation Corporation
Tekton Ventures
TeleVenture Management
Telegraph Hill Capital
Telstra Ventures (AVG)
Tempus Capital
Tera Capital Corporation
Teralys Capital
Terawatt Ventures
Teres Capital
Teslaugh Energy Ventures LLC
Texas Emerging Technology Fund
Texas Investment Network
Texas Women Ventures Fund
The Athenaeum Fund
The Ballast Fund
The Capital Royalty Fund
The Center of North America Capital Fund
The Founders Club
The Halo Fund
The Hit Forge
The Individuals' Venture Fund
The Ontario Capital Growth
The Rahn Group
The Reinvestment Fund
The Telmarc Group
The Walsingham Fund
The Westly Group
Thermi Ventures
Thomas, McNerney & Partners
Thomvest Ventures
Thousand Hills Venture Fund
ThreeG Capital
TianDi Growth Capital
Tip Of The Spear Ventures
Tohoku Innovation Capital Corporation
Tollman Capital Partners
Tong Yang Venture Capital
Torrey Pines Investment
Tradebot Ventures
Trans-it Capital
Transformative Energy and Materials Capital (TEM Capital)
Triangle Peak Partners
Trilea Partners
Trillium Group
Trindade Investimentos
Trinity Capital Investment
Trinity Ventures
Tsinghua Unisplendour Venture Capital
Tur Partners
Twenty One East Victoria Investments
UMC Capital
UNC Kenan-Flagler Private Equity Fund
UOB Venture
UQI Partners Corporation
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Ulster Bank Diageo Venture Fund
Uminova Invest
Unilever Ventures
Uniseed Pty
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Venturehouse Group
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Verge Funds
Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
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Vested for Growth
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Viking Fund
Vilicus Ventures
Vincera Capital
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Virginia Capital Partners
Vision2020 Funds
Vital Financial
Viva Capital Advisors
Vnet Capital
Volcano Capital
Volition Capital
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Whiz Partners
Wichita Technology Corporation (WTC)
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William Harris Investors
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Yellow&Blue Investment Management
Ymer Venture Capital Asia
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