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Toshl is an spending tracker client for mobile phone platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) that automatically sync with Toshl web platform, accessible via Toshl.com web page.

With Toshl, users are invited to track their daily purchases in order to simplify their financial lives. Enter the price, connect it with a tag and organize and follow the expenses by automatically tag created modules that provide better understanding of users spending habits.

All your personal expense tracks get synced automatically to users web backup account, so the user can check and manage his track record via browser on-line. At the same time, this approach allows users to change their mobile phones and expense tracks do not get lost.

Toshl includes the option to get a web pro account that allows much more, does expense notifications, allows exporting go excel, google docs and pdf.

Toshl supports all major currencies with daily refreshed exchange rates. It's available on the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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