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Selfies is a side project from Automattic, the company behind Selfies was conceived amidst developments of a photo app for Gravatar. Encapsulating the excitement of taking and sharing selfies, the Automattic team released the Selfies app as a platform for this very purpose.

The app is in its infancy. Users can take selfies, caption and filter them, and share them into a stream that can be seen by all other users. Users can also react to other people’s selfies with their own images or captions, which often leads to a fun back and forth that turns selfies into mini stories. The team at Automattic has made an effort to find the “quickest time to fun” in this app – get users to post and enjoy images right away instead of making them go through the numbing series of sign ups, logins, Facebook & Twitter connections, etc that are common in other apps.

If you’d like to be one of the first people to try out Selfies, go ahead and download the app.

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