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Social Media Marketing
Postano is a social media aggregation and display platform. We work with brands to curate and display the very best fan content.

Product Details


Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Postano is the flagship product of TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) and is the leading social platform that allows brands to tell their own stories through the best fan-generated content.

Postano is a real-time, visual marketing platform that finds and curates the best social fan content and publishes that content as stunning visualizations across web, mobile and live screen displays for industries such as sports, retail, events and beyond. Postano has partnered with major brands to create a platform for brands and fans to tell their stories together.

Postano customers include adidas, BCBG, Boston Red Sox, CFDA, Disney, Evernote, Google, L.A. Kings, Nike, Oregon Ducks, YOOX, and many others. To learn more, please visit postano.com.

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