Product Overview

PerformMatch Call Center Monitoring was added to CrunchBase in 2013

Detailed Description


PerformMatch™ Call Center Monitoring automatically transcribes and reviews every minute of every call – for 100% compliance coverage. PerformMatch CCM analyzes every call minute to identify possible regulatory compliance violations or violations of a company’s brand marketing guidelines – no spot checking here! Each call recording is given a PerformMatch Compliance Score, with the results made available through our web-based platform for review and to pinpoint problems that may need optimization.


A PerformMatch Compliance Score and Grade for each call recording to easily pinpoint potential problems

A list of calls flagged with potential violations for review

A “jump button” to skip to the exact call seconds where potential violations are detected

Ability to filter recordings by Rep ID, Call ID, advertiser, campaign, traffic source, date, grade and potential violations to identify trends or performance issues

Rule customization allows users to include or weight banned or required language Conditional logic rules allow for exceptions considering contextual relevancy

Remediation functionality allows users to email, and/or comment on specific potential violations internally or to vendors


100% coverage of every call minute

Each call recording is monitored against regulatory guidelines and the company’s own brand marketing guidelines

Pinpoint the source of potential problems with representative and vendor risk ranking Document and track issues for audit purposes

Improve performance management and training opportunities